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There are a ton of great deals in this corner of the Bible Belt, and they keep getting better as our virgin cannabis industry begins to blossom. The most popular apps are Leafly and Weedmaps. The website Leafbuyer is another good option, because many dispensaries cutting hot deals just won’t pay the $500 fee to be listed on the apps. But weeding through all the various directories and making calculated comparisons can be tedious! Especially for the attention-span-challenged (wink, wink).

So I searched low — and very high — for the best deals this weekend in OKC, and I am proud to list them here for you. Without further ado, here are the Weekend Weed Deals that won’t fail to deliver (and might even leave you with enough scratch to Postmates munchies when the time is right):

#5. Friendly Market‘Best Pre-rolls’

With this deal, you score two 1.25g King Palm pre-rolls with built-in filters for $20. That’s $8 per gram, while the King Palm leaves alone are worth $2. Once you try one of these, you won’t want to go back to papers. Friendly Market even gives you nice glass containers in which to store them, and they have super competitive daily deals.

#4. Kissing Clouds Holistic Healing‘A Deal for Everyone’

They offer a 1¢ pre-roll with any purchase on your birthday. Not your birthday? Kissing Clouds also has *takes a deep breath* 1¢ 100mg brownies for new patients; buy one get one half-off edibles; $75 vape pens with refill + battery; four vape cartridges for $100; $5 pre-rolls happy hour from 4 – 7 p.m., and $175 ounces — to name a few. The “Just Treats” edibles, made in-house, are super dank, with a 100mg tasty homemade cinnamon roll for only $10.

#3 Green Roots Wellness‘Loyalty Pays’

These folks have the best loyalty program I’ve come across. For every $20 you spend, you get $1 in store credit. They have great deals on everything, but the thing that sticks out the most is their edibles. They have a 500mg hard candy for $25 (500mg THC for that price is unheard of)! You even get $10 store credit, if you refer a friend. So if you want to help a brother out, tell them James from The Happy Ogle sent you. No, seriously tell them.

#2 Nature’s Cure – ‘Big Savings’

They have an OUNCE of Girl Scout Cookies or Green Crack for $130 out the door through July 31. Going beyond, they even give you a 1¢ pre-roll, if you leave a review on Leafly or Weedmaps.

#1. Painted Nurse Apothecary‘Charming Shop of Deals’

Owned by a colorful registered nurse, this place has vintage furniture and cannabis memorabilia proudly on display. On your first visit, the staff will personally roll you a J for one fucking cent. Not enough? Free coffee is waiting for you at the door. The staff is relaxing, and I never felt pressured there. I got an $8 gram that still had high THC levels at 24%. Painted Nurse Apothecary has great prices on high-quality, lab-tested products — plus daily deals that change. They even sell clones occasionally. Their unique charm, generosity and great Weed Deals net them the top spot on the list.

[Honorable Mention] Herban Mother – ‘Under the Radar’

Listed as #1 on Yelp but not listed on the apps, they have solid deals. This weekend, they have $25 1/8ths of hydro, which is pretty fair, and I can confirm it is dank. If you buy $110 THCA diamonds, you get a nectar collector (worth $35) and dab mat for free. They have a unique, edible oil vial for micro-dosing. It tastes neutral, like hemp oil, so you can put it in your coffee. Notably, they have soil-grown flower options giving a different high, a nice change from the everpresent hydro nowadays. They also park the big green weed bus outside when they have events, a great place to hotbox with like-minded individuals.

Deals are always popping up in this new frontier. What are the best deals you know about in OKC? Drop them in the comments. Thank you for reading, and happy hunting. I wish everyone a safe, sunshiny weekend!


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  1. Kissing Clouds is really underrated. Thanks for getting the word out about such a great place. This article is actually quite useful overall–thank you!

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