Weekend Weed Deals (Tulsa Edition)

You want deals, and we have a flood of them! Tulsa is flexing this weekend, dams bursting with a torrent of deals. So, let’s get down to business and find some cheap bud.

Here are the top five Weekend Weed Deals in Tulsa:

#5. Fort Apache Medical Dispensary – “Chill Quality”

Meet a very chill, welcoming staff slinging 1-gram pre-rolls with filters for $10! They also have concentrate, shatter and crumble at $40 per gram. Fort Apache Medical Dispensary offers a huge variety of edibles at great prices, including THC cooking oil for the whole family. They also sell the cheapest clones in Tulsa, ranging from $20-$25.

#4. OHG (Oklahoma Home Grown) – “Local Support”

I have to recommend the sublime almond coffee cake: 50mg for $10…or the Korova Mint 1,000mg bar for $99. Be careful with that chocolate bar. Eat that whole thing and you’ll wake up in a hospital. OHG has damn near the lowest prices on pretty much anything and everything you could want. Here are some other notable deals that speak for themselves…

#3. 918 Buds – “Tax Haven” 

Coming in hot, with the cheapest ounce of flower right now: $180 per ounce! Prices at 918 Buds include tax on everything — no hard math required. They have lots of variety in the $201.33-per ounce category, and 1-gram carts and shatter for $50 are some of the cheapest in Tulsa. When it comes to great deals on edibles, the 500mg grape syrup for $22.37 stands out in a crowd.

#2. Green Country Bud – “420 Dream Bakery”

This Starbucks-for-Stoners has the lowest prices on carts and concentrates in Tulsa on Thursdays. Yes, they have the usual THC bath salts, candies, and baked goods, but Green Country Bud really shines with things you won’t find just anywhere — like ranch dip and hummus, priced fairly at $25 for 150mg THC. Right now, they have an edible-lovers-dream-deal: 20% off Gammy’s Ganja Goodies, which is a legit magical bakery that supplies them daily with a variety of fresh edibles. In an opposite universe, I would be listing them for their monster $180 blunt. If you’re feeling frisky, that’ll calm you right down.

#1. FlowerCraft – “Actually Crazy SuperCenter”

Mad props to them, because they actually test everything to ensure it’s top-quality. Starting this Saturday, it’s SUPER SATURDAY — BOGO 40% off the entire store. The kill-shot: penny pre-rolls for new patients. You won’t find a better weekend weed deal than this. That’s why they score the #1 spot.

They always have 20%-off deals for both military and new patients; $9 grams from 5-6 p.m.; and 10% off edibles on Mondays. FlowerCraft has great deals on carts and rosin, with an extra 15% off concentrates on Tuesdays, not to mention Clones for $25.

You can even attend their yoga class for OMMA cardholders every Sunday for just $15. Blazing up in yoga class? What a deal! If you’re not interested in yoga, they have straight-up cannabis parties too, so I have to also recommend checking out the Flowercraft Facebook page, where they post events.

[Honorable Mention] – Koli Cannabis – “Best Shake”

This place is in Claremore, so it didn’t quite feel right to put it on this Tulsa list. Even though they are a little ‘far out,’ they have a $150 ounce of top-shelf shake for $150 per ounce or $7 per gram. Notably, they also have under $50 1-gram carts and concentrate, and new patients get 10% off.

The best shops go beyond great deals to provide unique and quality experiences — start to finish — and each of these shops does just that! Drop a comment about any hot Tulsa deals you’re fired up about, and happy weed hunting to you!

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