Definitely Do Not Try These Ways to Get Stoned at Bricktown Reggae Fest

Here we are again, my fellow Tokelahomans! This weekend, August 2nd and 3rd, is the 24th Annual Bricktown Reggae Fest — the chilled out, two-day music festival, ripe with grooving Rasta tunes, frosty beers and Caribbean munchies galore. Only, this year, there is special significance: It will be Oklahoma’s first Reggae Fest since SB788 legalized medical marijuana!

If you’re feeling festive and want to get into the true spirit of things, follow your old Uncle Skunk’s advice: Do bring your ganga, but don’t get caught puff puff passing.

Ways to Get Stoned at Bricktown Reggae Fest:

Vape Discreetly 

The great and powerful Thunder Lizard’s gift to Tokelahomans came in the form of these smokeless wonders. I can’t count how many times a vaporizer has gotten me high in places I probably shouldn’t be. These little guys let you blend into the masses so well you’d think you were wearing an invisibility cloak, which I have. And with so many strains and flavors you’d be an idiot not to bring one.

Pop Edibles

Don’t want to smell like weed? Then eat it! As you should know by now, this is not for the noob, as accidental overconsumption could cause a full-on freak-out in downtown. This method combines munchies with couch-locking so well that adding chill music to the mix should only increase your chances of zonking out and coming to with skin redder than a pair of Flaming Lips.

Hotbox It

Be honest, most of us have parked at the Bass Pro Shop before a Thunder game or concert at the ‘Peak and done it. For the ignorant folk out there, hotboxing is when you roll up all the windows in your truck and toke it up, until it’s hard to see out the glass. If you don’t mind walking after sparking, then you should definitely try this one out.

Do the Dugout

This simple device feels antiquated when compared to the modern conveniences of a vape, but for those of us who need a little fire in their lungs, this guy saves the day. Step into an alley or secluded spot and whip out the tiny cylinder, load the pre-ground bud from its convenient side pouch and light up. Watch out to not toke too hard, or you might end up with a mouthful of ash. Since it’s only good for a hit or two and gets hotter than the Oklahoma summer, the dugout has its disadvantages. But sometimes you need that bit of danger to ground your ass.

Go Full Freak

If none of these methods seem to fit your style, consider going balls-to-the-wall, and pull a Full Freak. Light up your biggest blunt, and watch the people start flocking to you like Thunder players to other teams. Pass that L around and become king of the lot — and hope  you aren’t the one holding it when OKC’s finest rush in to break up the circle. After all, public smoking ordinances apply. After 23 years of prohibition-era Bricktown Reggae Fests, the importance of this year’s festival cannot be understated. You think organizers would set up a spot for medical patients to use, if we asked nicely?

Uncle Skunk will be at Reggae Fest checking out Jah Mystics, The Broke Brothers and pulling a Full Freak.
**See official event poster for full lineup of bands and times.

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