Move Your Ass: Best Exercises for When You’re Medicated, Bored

If I learned anything from Frosted Flakes commercials in the 90s, it’s that a big part of being healthy is staying active! That, and if you agree to play a tiger’s neighborhood game of pickup soccer, he might not eat you.

Random encounters with cartoon tigers aside, here’s a list of my favorite things to do while medicated that also help keep me active.


Before cannabis, If you saw me running, you should probably start running too, because it meant there was a 50/50 chance there was a monster behind me…or there was some REALLY amazing pizza in whatever direction I was heading.

It’s well established that music and cannabis go together like minivans and soccer moms. Something about cannabis enhances the ability to get lost in the right rhythm. Cannabis improves running in the same way. My sneakers pounding the pavement can be transformed into a rhythmic beat that drives each step with just a few puffs of a good sativa.

If you’re like me and normally would start sprinkling salt on yourself when confronted by the choice of running or being eaten by a bear, maybe if you take a few tokes beforehand you won’t even need the bear.

Lace-up your sneakers, take a lil puff and find some ideas for great running spots around the city, here.

Wii Sports

How enjoyable and athletic this can be is entirely up to you.

Yeah, you can smoke a bowl on your couch as you lazily flick your wrist getting strike after strike in Wii Bowling. Or you can play Wii Baseball and do your best Babe Ruth impression with a joint clamped between your teeth — like an old-timey ballplayer chewing on a stogey — as you enthusiastically knock them virtual balls outta the park.

With the right cannabis, or enough cannabis, it can be a very immersive experience.

Frisbee Golf

If there are two things my father truly loves on this planet, it’s cannabis and accurately chucking weighted frisbees into chain nets.

Growing up, I played frisbee golf how I imagine other kids play regular golf: reluctantly. I never really understood the appeal of taking something laid back like frisbee and making it competitive…and then I learned about cannabis.

Disk golf has so much going for it, when you introduce cannabis! It’s like being high while you are playing a game as you are hiking through nature. Mostly because that is literally what you are doing. It is a magical combination of things AND you might see a bunny. No lose situation — also explains why my dad’s disk bag always smelled so funny.

Here is a link to a few of the great disk golf courses OKC has to offer.


I do Jiu-jitsu a few days a week. It’s like wrestling. Some people call it involuntary yoga. Because of this, something on my body is hurt essentially all the time; I do yoga to offset some of this and, like most things I do, I do it a little high.

There isn’t much to say about this one, but stretching just feels better with a little bit of cannabis. There is a reason why the two go together hand-in-awkwardly-contorted-hand. They just fit. Some argue that yoga has a history of cannabis that can be traced back to the arts very origins.

It’s almost like human history is filled with centuries worth of examples where people used cannabis to enhance their lives and health, despite the last 100 years of entirely failed prohibition…craaaaazy.

One of my favorite dispensaries over in Tulsa, Flowercraft, hosts an elevated yoga class occasionally in their event center, and it is absolutely worth checking out!

Hacky Sack

It’s hacky sack guys, you get it.

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  1. Yo, I was curious about that very yoga class. How does that work? Like, do people smoke while they do yoga or like do they take a break and go smoke outside? Or is it like a human pretzel pyramid with someone dabbing at the top?
    I was interested in going sometime, so I was wondering

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