Weekend Weed Deals…Outta This World!

If you’re storming Area 51 in September, you should probably start planning this weekend. I mean, you might as well be highly medicated when you find yourself staring down the sites of the US Air Force’s F-16 Fighter Falcons. And if you survive Storm Area 51, you definitely want to have something to put in your peace pipe to share with your new alien buddies!

Luckily, The Happy Ogle has you covered. We searched low and very high for Weekend Weed Deals amazing enough to change a captive alien’s mind about the whole of humanity.

Dab Deals

You can’t beat FREE, and American Cannabis got ahold of some extraterrestrial technology that will materialize a “Free Dab” with a coupon from Cannapages. Make sure to print it or grab a free copy from your local dispensary, because apparently their extraterrestrial technology only goes so far: I tried to use the coupon on my phone, but they require a printed one to power that Free Dab Machine. This deal is worth the extra effort!

If you’re in Tulsa, a rogue planet called Jade Wellness has appeared with deals that eclipse the local competition on dabs (and just about everything else).

Flower Deals

One small step for man and one big OUNCE of Girl Scout Cookies for $130 out-the-door from Nature’s Cure — still the lowest price on flower out there.

Mr. Green went to the moon and back to bring us a $50 tax-included TOP-SHELF QUARTER of flower (technically, you could choose not top-shelf flower, but why would you?)! I can personally guarantee that these guys not only have out of this world customer service but some of the freshest, dankest top-shelf around, with some delivered as early as yesterday.

Cartridge Deals

A guy who reminds me of Chris Pratt in Guardians of the Galaxy — self-proclaimed “extremely handsome” Corbin Wyatt of The Peak Dispensary — is hooking you up with top quality, house-made, full spectrum carts for $40 a gram. This happens to be the best price in the state. They don’t call this place The Peak for nothing; they are top quality. And if you don’t take my word for it, they lab test.

Not trying to get all ‘dispensary crush’ on you, but you need to know they also have the best grow deal, with $30 clones twice as big as any I have seen with perfect coloration. It’s 100% worth it to buy a bigger, more mature, well-established plant to save yourself a headache.

P.S. I can’t reveal everything yet…[it’s as classified as Area 51]… but let’s just say this dispensary is one to keep a close eye on.


The Project Releaf star shines bright this weekend, with the best edible prices around. Everything from a $100 1,000mg chocolate bar to edibles as low as $5 for 50mg and a library of unique THC products, including chocolate syrup, peanut butter, gell-capsules, bubblegum, popcorn, honey, BBQ sauce and CBD dog/cat treats. They’ll even beam down TWO FREE PRE-ROLLS for new patients and give 25% off edibles every Thursday. Oh, and did I mention they are open 24/7 and all prices are tax-included? Perfect for emergency midnight munchies.

Whether you are stocking up for the Area 51 Storm or catching the tail end of the Black Super Moon this weekend, cannabis is required. So make good use of these great deals, and drop us a comment if you have any to add! Be careful of there, Space Cowboys/girls.

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