Mom’s Guide to MMJ: Indica, Sativa, Hybrids…Oh My!

Getting your golden key into the dispensary is exciting, but the experience in the store can be a bit overwhelming. So much green goodness (if it’s not green, turn around and leave)! If you’re not prepared, you may end up leaving with $479.89 worth of product — only to realize you didn’t get what you needed at all.

After that happened to me, I started making a list before I hit the dispensary. You know…like how you do with grocery shopping, only much more fun (and without little people to distract you). My go-to website/app is Leafly. The app is handy for saving your favorite strains, locations, reviews, finding locations and probably more that I haven’t discovered yet.

Here’s a quick guide to the basics, so you don’t blow your entire paycheck on couch-locking weed.


Granddaddy Purple

These strains put you at ease and tend to produce that couch-lock effect. Strains such as Blue Cheese and Granddaddy Purple are recommended for sleeping issues. I’ll smoke these before bed and watch inappropriate Netflix comedies (ok, don’t judge me here!). I also like to smoke indica strains before watching movies or TV shows that my kids want to watch. Some of them are awful! But if I smoke an Indica, I cuddle up with my kids and giggle at the ridiculousness, and everybody is happy.



These strains are recommended for “preworkout”. As a mom and wife, I recommend them for when you suddenly need to clean your house. I bought a pre-roll one time called The Motivator; it was a mix of three sativa strains. My house was spotless in four hours. Yeah, I might have been high when my MIL arrived, but at least the house was clean. Candyland is one of my favorite sativas to fight fatigue.

Indica-Dominate Hybrids

Grape Kush

Strains such as Grape Kush give its users a high that is mellow and heady, with relaxation effects that help you to not go ape shit on your kids at the end of a long summer. I personally like any strain with either the word grape or purple in them. My anti-seizure meds make my brain speed up — similar to A.D.D. — and these strains work well to slow it back down to normal.

Sativa-Dominate Hybrids


These lovelies give you a boost of concentrated energy. I smoked some XJ-13 right before sitting down to write this miraculous piece of work. I don’t feel like I need to move around, but my mind is very active. If you have a desk job that bums you out and leaves you unmotivated — or those sweet children have sucked the life out of you before lunch — these strains work well to distract you from reality but keep you productive.

Keep in mind all strains effect each person differently. Exploring different strains is part of the fun of a partially-legal marijuana industry. If you are using daily for medical benefits, like yours truly, find your faves and keep a few of them on hand, since your body’s tolerance will increase after a couple days usage of each strain.

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