Weekend Weed Deals

Weekend Weed Deals is here to help you serve (and smoke) the greater good, without breaking the bank. Cannabis may just be the medicine America needs to heal our wounds and come together. I mean, hey it’s worth a try right?

Well, count The Happy Ogle in. We searched low and very high for homegrown weed heroes doing their part by offering the best weed deals this weekend. Check these out — then do your part to promote happy healing by supporting these deal-wheeling local dispensaries.

Flower Power

The name of the game this weekend is Flower Power, with certifiably insane deals on flower as far as the eye can see…including the ever-elusive $100 ounce!
  • This deal was spotted at Med Bag$100 ounce of Trainwreck — the best deal I’ve seen on flower since The Happy Ogle was born (even after tax it’s just $116). It’s the perfect baked-good ingredient to share with the whole legally-eligible neighborhood! Speaking of…their edibles are also well priced.
  • Right on their heels is Steady Eddie, with $125 ounces out-the-door and uniquely fun THC pixie sticks edibles.
  • Ready to fight with fire in a different way comes The Fire Station, with blazing-hot daily deals like $25 eighths, $50 TOP-SHELF quarters and a $150 ounce of Sour Diesel Sativa.
  • Holistique is also doing their part with $30 eighths, out-the-door.


I would argue that one of the best ways to spread peace and love amongst your fellow Americans is to share the humble, historic jay.
  • Re-Up Cannabis Dispensary makes it easy with three one-gram pre-rolls at the ungodly price of $15. They also have a flower deal: one eighth of TOP-SHELF for $40. Keeping things fresh, they have a birthday prize wheel; be sure to stay happy by hitting them up on your birthday to win free prizes! First timers also get 10% off and their first gram for $5. You thought they were slowing down? Nope, they also have a loyalty program and $40 one-gram carts and shatter.
  • Helping you hang in there is Emerald Elite, with penny pre-rolls for new customers. They have joyous deals on top-shelf quarters and concentrates, but must show that you claimed their deal on Weedmaps.
  • If you love old-school loyalty stamp-cards like me, Hazy Leaf has your number. Mix-and-Match $35 top-shelf eights are nothing to sneeze at. But their 15% off deal for newbies and $3 pre-rolls for your Weedmaps review is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Meritorious Mentions

  • Rated G Therapy: They have fucking THC doughnuts! They’re a sure way to brighten any morning. In case you needed to hear more than ‘fucking THC donuts’, they have top quality ounces for $175 out-the-door.
  • Rounding things out comes The Joint: These guys have supreme-quality stuff and were selling it for $30 an eighth, which is insane for their level of quality. While that eighth deal seems to have expired, this is a dispensary to keep an eye on, for sure. They still have a great deal this weekend, with a $175 ounce of that top-shelf. They lab test for top quality and have several super-rare “living-soil” strains that make it more than worth it. I’m telling you: This. Shit. Is. Awesome.

A wise man once said, “There ain’t no gettin’ off this train we on,” so why not focus on bringing joy and love while we’re on it? I hope these deals help you do just that. I’ll see you on the flip-side. Until then happy deal sharing!

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