Weekend Weed Deals

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This edition of Weekend Weed Deals includes a special event and deals for veterans as well as a helluva card recommendation deal for those who have not yet gotten around to getting their physician recommendation — the only real barrier to getting your OMMA card.

Best Card Recommendation Deal

The AgriDoc Alternative Clinic – This is a clinic in OKC that does doctor recommendations for $50 and the good doctor does half price for veterans at a staggering $25! This is the lowest doctors recommendation I have ever seen, so I had to report to ya’ll about it!

Major Special Event

This has been a long time in the planning: a special event for veterans and civilians alike on Saturday! Balanced Veterans is a non-profit that helps Veterans and the community understand the medical benefits of cannabis and much more. They are hosting a big event this weekend called Summer Debrief at Lucky’s Grow Supply. Be sure to check it out for some nice discounts, free educational classes, a DJ, food, fun and free prizes. Tickets are $15, but veterans get in for $5. You do not need a medical card to attend.

Deal Depots

Almost every dispensary in Oklahoma has a military discount, so veterans are in luck. Be sure to check your favorite dispensary because they probably have one too…and if they don’t they should.

  • Look out for Mr.Green, offering 15% military discounts daily and the lowest price cartridges in Oklahoma to refuel your weary soul: $39 carts, out-the-door. They aim to be everyone’s ally with $50 quarters and $175 ounces. The whole place is also tax-included. They got my vote as the top deal-dog this weekend.
  • Z – pharma is definitely a part of the deal squad this week with $25 1/8ths. They have a great fresh meat deal, offering a $1 pipe a $5 pipe or a $3 Mary Jane Carmel for your first time.
  • With pre-rolls at $5 for .5g cones and full-gram cones from $7.88, Select Healthcare has deals to be reckoned with. They are tax-included, give veterans 15% off and also can assist with the entire OMMA new patient card process. These friendlies are handing out $1 New Leaf gummies with purchase of a half-ounce (or more) of any regular-priced flower. Patrons here also get their choice of Blueberry Gum or AK49 1/8ths for $25.
  • Steady Eddy is back at it again with more crazy tax-included deals and still the cheapest flower in the metro. They are selling Lemon Diesel for $7.11 a gram or $125 an ounce! They are also rocking BOGO gummies and $4.20 top-shelf “Steady Sticks” (pre-rolls) for those who like to spark up in the great outdoors.
  • The Joint & The PEAK are still top contenders, with top-tier quality for your money and daily deals on all flower, carts and edibles. Both also have a 10% Veteran Discount. The Peak is also having patient appreciation this weekend, with 15% off until Sunday.
  • Rabbit Hole has finally arrived on the scene with a .5 gram Shatter for $20 and Kind Bites edible starting at $3! This is a perfect place to re-up on those edible rations with great daily deals to boot.

It’s almost been one year since the first licenses were approved on August 24, 2018, so there are bound to be some crazy, pop-up deals next week! So stay tuned, deal veterans, and be sure to drop a comment to let readers know about hot deals you’ve seen. A sincere thanks to our servicemembers for keeping us safe here at home. Stay frosty out there.

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