Report: Oklahomans Love Medical Marijuana

It looks like those dire warnings from Oklahoma politicians, state health boards, Chambers of Commerce, law enforcement organizations and other authoritarian wackos who were against the practical and sane SQ 788 are coming true: Oklahoma is a hotbed for medical marijuana!

In fact, we’re now the fastest growing medical marijuana market in the country:

While medical marijuana is legally available in 36 states and Washington DC, the fragmented nature of the industry – each state creates its own set of rules – means each market grows at a different rate.

The new quarterly release of the Marijuana Business Factbook presents updated profiles of each state market, highlighting the growth occurring in each.
An analysis of state markets that release patient counts on at least a quarterly basis reveals several key takeaways:

• Oklahoma is the fastest-growing medical marijuana market in the average number of daily patient increases, and MMJ patients represent 4.1% of the state’s total population – one of the highest rates in the nation. Growth is bolstered by low barriers of entry, including the fact there’s no list of qualifying conditions for patients.

That’s great! It’s about time we’re a Top 10 State in a category that doesn’t embarrass everyone.

Seriously, 4.1% of Oklahomans now have medical cards? That’s impressive, especially when you consider it doesn’t even take into account all the non-card-holding friends of those people in the 4.1%, who tag along for dispensary runs! If they start getting cards, we’ll clear 10% in no time.

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