Stingy Stoner Tips to Save Cash and Cannabis

Ya know, when medical marijuana became legal to purchase, I thought I would save SO much money. I quickly realized I was SO dumb. If legal cannabis has hit your bank account as hard as you’ve been hitting your legal cannabis, have no fear!

Here are a few tried-and-true tips I use to save money and make my stash last longer in this glorious age of pot plentitude:

1. Use a One-Hitter

A lot of the time, people tend to smoke more than they need to get what they are looking for out of cannabis; a one-hitter is one of the best ways to control your dose.

I love pipes, bongs, and joints as much as the next guy, but they are as wasteful as that annoying guy you know who loves chicken wings but doesn’t know how to eat a damn chicken wing.

Investing in a good one-hitter will make sure all the smoke from your meds goes directly to your lungs and won’t drift off into the wind, like the smoke from some strange altar dedicated to Doritos.

2. Buy a Vaporizer

Adding a dry herb vaporizer to your arsenal of smoking implements is one of the most economical and healthiest ways to get the absolute most out of your meds. Generally, your average user with a moderate tolerance finds that a gram of cannabis goes a lot farther in a vaporizer than it does in a pipe, bong or any other traditional method of medicating.

I assume everyone reading this loves cannabis. I know I love cannabis. And I make it a habit not to take the things I love and set them on fire, and a vaporizer is the best way to extend that courtesy to your meds! When you burn your cannabis, you are destroying a lot of the terpenes and cannabinoids that I can’t seem to stop talking about in these articles. By vaporizing your herb you are gradually raising the heat of your cannabis, allowing you to use less flower but feel more of the effects of all those compounds you generally miss out on, making your meds go farther.

3. Switch to Concentrates

This is a method of saving money that I have become most intimate with since 788. In my experience, a gram of wax or shatter will last me the same amount of time as a quarter of high-quality flower. For me, that’s roughly three to four days and suddenly I am feeling personally attacked by my own writing.

In the current market, I can expect to pay between $90 – $100 for a quarter of flower. Or I can consistently get a gram of concentrate for $40. Luckily, I love dabs, so it doesn’t make sense for me to not save $50 every couple of days (feeling personally attacked again).

4. Take a T-Break!

Yeah, I know most of you aren’t going to do this one. However, if you are very broke or just up for a challenge, it’s by far the most beneficial. I find that three to seven days abstaining from cannabis can substantially lower both my tolerance and how much I use. If you didn’t stop at T-, here are a few pointers for your cannabis hiatus:

  1. Buy some CBD flower! It’s cheap, it looks like cannabis (because it is cannabis!) minus all that pesky THC you are trying to give your fried receptors a break from. I find that having some of this to smoke during my break really does help during the times when I have the urge to smoke, and I’m still benefiting medically from the CBD and other compounds left in the plant.

That was it, only one tip, breaks are hard man.

5. Be a Savage Deal Hunter

Always be on the lookout for deals. You probably use Weedmaps, Leafly and Leafbuyer, which can certainly be helpful. But if you’re lazy (or particularly shrewd) and prefer to let us do the dirty work for you, subscribe to The Happy Ogle. We search low and very high for the best weed deals in town — along with subscriber-exclusives — and deliver them straight to your inbox each Friday, along with a roundup of the week’s top stories. After all, the easiest and most obvious way to save money is to spend less of it.

—Until next time, have fun and be safe in all your medicating!


2 thoughts on “Stingy Stoner Tips to Save Cash and Cannabis

  1. AND if you dry vape you can use the leftover ABV (already been vaped) bud, put it in a bag and save it till you have a good quarter or more and then make edibles with it! The dry vape essentially decarboxylates for you! two for one cheap-ass move [My personal favorite move] XD

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