Weekend Weed Deals – Celebrating the Wild West of Weed

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary, fellow OMMA cardholders — this weekend (August 24th) marks the one-year anniversary of the approval of Oklahoma’s first medical marijuana licenses! That’s right, we made it a full year in ‘The Wild West of Weed’ without any of the social chaos predicted by opponents of 788.

Weekend Weed Deals is here to help you celebrate this milestone by scoring some sick deals on this historic weekend.

Flower Deals

  • Project Releaf is a well-oiled pre-roll-machine that has been around since the start. Good times never end here, because they are one of the only 24/7 dispensaries in Oklahoma! They have J’s for $5 and if you’re new you get two pre-rolls for a penny, plus 15% off if you spend $20. This is the place to stop first.
  • Tree Kings Dispensary comes offering deals from afar with top-notch flower deals. Top-shelf at $175 an ounce is very nice. New patients can choose any gram they want for $8, along with any veterans, teachers, and doctors as well.
  • BCC Collective is tax-included and pre-games with “Lunchboxes,” a gram of top-shelf plus a pre-roll for $15. Available daily from 12 – 2 p.m.

Concentrate Deals

  • Here comes Jade Wellness, showing up to the celebration with some of the best deals in Oklahoma right now on anything you could want, including two grams of diamonds for $100. They are tax-included, so math doesn’t kill the good vibes.
  • Highgarden Dispensary is a place with deals for those who like to party to the moon, with one gram of moon rocks for $40. They also pre-game with a lunch-time special: $10 for one gram with a pre-roll from 11-2pm.

Vape Deals

  • 405 BUDZ are the current vape kings, with a variety of one gram vapes to choose from at $45 for one gram or $80 for two grams. This place also has 140mg brownies for $13.50. What kind of celebration is complete without brownies? No brainer.

Edible Deals

  • Southside Organics is bringing some nice edibles that don’t break the bank with 60mg gummies for $7.
  • Apco Med100mg gummies for $15 or 300mg for $30. And they have a THC cookie dough I could get addicted to.

Card Deal

  • For those who still need a card, you’re in luck, because there is another great physician recommendation deal this week! Chronic Docs took notice, and they’re having a virtual patient drive. Text “Patient” to 405-887-6321 and these guys will complete your doctor recommendation from the comfort of your own home, using text, email, and video chat for a very reasonable $75. There’s no telling how long the drive will last, so snag this deal while you can…or tell a friend.

We have so much to be proud of — and so many great shops that are finally coming into their own — as we end the first [finally legal] chapter of The Great Oklahoman Cannabis Story. This is one anniversary I will not be forgetting…I’m so ready to pop a THC tincture bottle with ya’ll in the comments. Mazel Tov.

—Stay safe out there, deal hunters!

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