Weekend Weed Deals: Let’s Underpay on Labor Day!

This weekend is the perfect time to kick back and enjoy the buds of your labor. These special deals are a great way to stock up for Labor Day, so you can finally do some precious relaxing.

– Hottest Labor Day deals –

The absolute ‘peak’ deals on the Oklahoma map this weekend are happening at The Peak. They have a Labor Day-only deal: Any Dose cartridge or extract for only $45 on Monday.  The same day, August 31st, they’re having 15% off all edibles and flower, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., so be sure to set your calendar.

The Peak is the first ever to offer three pre-rolls for a pennyTo score this deal, all you need to do is review them on Google, Leafly and Weedmaps — one jay per review.

I was also surprised to see they have nine different locations, so there is probably one near you. Their weekend deal is also top-notch: 15% off all shatter, budder, wax, kief, rosin and caviar. Oh yeah, and you get 5% off all online orders if you know what you want beforehand.

Rabbit Hole Dispensary is keeping pace with excellent weekend deals on shatter, flower, carts and edibles…so basically everything. They have your wallet and relaxation in mind with edibles as low as $3, so it’s the perfect place to swing by to pick up a quick snack to go.

Further down the rabbit hole, you’ll find deals like Multiple $45 one-gram carts, .5-gram Rabbit Hole Shatter for $20. On top of that insane cart price, they throw in a buy one Rabbit Hole Cart get one 25% off, so that second cart is only $33.75! Also: BOGO 50% off edibles and shatter.

– Concentrate deals –

Up-and-coming dispensary Stars and Stripes, which opened on 4/20 to great fanfare and reviews, is already setting the deal bar high with three one-gram carts for $100 out the door — the lowest cart price in Oklahoma. If you spend $60+ you get to spin a wheel for prizes including free bongs, papers, grams, lighters, edibles, carts, kief and more! Who doesn’t love spinning a wheel to win prizes? They have plenty of other discounts to sweeten the deal, including 25% off for new patients.

Re-Up Cannabis Dispensary has one gram of shatter for $28. You can spin another prize wheel here, if it’s your birthday.

Crown Canabis in Tulsa also has a fine deal with two one-gram carts for $75.

– Flower Deals –

High-quality, living soil strain seller Holistique Medical has the cheapest eighths at $30 (tax included) and other great deals. Select Healthcare has the same deal on eights, OTD.

If you need a lot of shake, your best bet is Starbuds in Bricktown, with $20 quarters of shake on Saturdays! New patients also get %15 off.

Hazy Leaf has $29 8ths. Not pre-tax but still a great deal…plus they have a $3 pre-roll if you leave a review.

Interesting deal spotted at Ye Olde Apacothary Shoppe, slinging “Ugly Bud Deals” for $125 an ounce (while supplies last).

The final stop on today’s penny pre-roll train is The Cannabis Refinery, with a penny pre-roll plus 10% off for new customers. They always have nice, in-store deals as well.

—Wherever you are, make sure you stock up over the weekend, in case your favorite dispensaries are closed Monday for the holiday. Happy deal hunting and Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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