Pep in Your Step: 5 Strains to Fight Fatigue

I don’t know about you guys, but back-to-school is kicking my ass. Between homework, extra curricular activities ramping up, and the depression of summer being over, it feels like I’ve trudging around in mud the last two weeks. Fighting fatigue is a tough battle, and I use a host of strains to help me fight that bitch. Here’s my Top 5 Strains to Fight Fatigue

1. Jack Herer

A nice, sticky nug of Jack in the morning makes my day a little better. Sativas in general have a harsher taste. This is no exception. The pungent diesel taste is strong, but I’ve come to love it. That taste means energy to me and that’s the goal. Jack gives me a nice body high with a clear head for doing all the things moms do. Jack is a nice go-to for a wake-n-bake, before getting those monsters up for the bus (PSA: Don’t bake-n-drive to school, duh). Get’d Baked in Edmond carries it for $165 a 1/2 ounce.   

2. XJ 13

Me and XJ have a little love affair going on. Yes it’s a hybrid — but of two great sativas (Jack Herer and Haze) and one indica (G13). The G13 gives enough of a heady high to give you more focused energy, which helps me knock out my to-do list. The Jack and Haze keep your brain awake for when you need to be adulting. I love this strain for multi-tasking throughout the day. Again, Get Bak’d you can get a 1/2 ounce for $155.

3. Sour Cookies

Like the name suggests, it is a little sour but gives good, focused energy. I like smoking some of this sour/sweet flower before cleaning house on a rainy day. The cookies part gives me that, are my legs and arms attached to my body? feeling, but the sour diesel part provides that happy, uplifted, excited, focused rush of energy. Just take it easy on this strain, or the couch will look a little too inviting and you might end up watching a Housewives marathon. Starbuds in Bricktown has it for $125ish for 1/2 ounce.

4. Durban Poison

This is not one of my favorites, because of the harshness, but it does the energy trick! The focused energy is just what I need to get through my list of chores for the day. The strains that are a little too harsh for me I try buying in vape cartridge form. It helps with the taste but you still get similar effects, and vapes are an easy way to take your “meds” on the go. The Joint Cannabis Club has $40 1/2 gram carts.

5. Candyland

This is one of the smoother sativas I like. It has a little bit sweeter taste but produces a great, energetic heady high. Instead of walking in mud it makes me feel like I’m floating just above the ground. This strain also has a great, uplifting effect that I love for social interaction. This strain doesn’t play games! The high is quick and thick with waves of energy. The Cannabis Refinery has it for $140 for a 1/2 ounce.

Whatever you use to fight fatigue and put some pep in your step, remember to mix it up, to make your stash last longer: Don’t smoke the same strain more than a few days in a row (and buy bulk to build up a supply). After smoking a particular strain for a few days, your body adjusts, and it takes more product to produce the same effects. The five strains in this article are my energy-bump faves, but experiment and keep notes to see what works best for you.

Maybe next Monday I’ll talk about my favorite indicas to help you fall asleep after a day full of smoking energy-boosting sativas. 

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