Dry Herb Vaping and Why You May Never Light Up Again

Lungs on fire, by Jennifer C. Pierstorff www.artbyjcp.com

There are a lot of ways to consume cannabis, but — without argument — simply smoking your flower is by far the most tried-and-true method of medicating. But if you think inhaling burning plant matter directly into the soft tissues of your lungs comes at zero risk, take us to the dispensary selling you that fairy dust flower…we at The Happy Ogle must review it immediately!

Luckily, there is a way you can medicate that doesn’t involve fire and still lets you enjoy your favorite strains of flower: Dry herb vaporization!

Instead of pre-filled liquid carts, this method of medicating heats (dry) cannabis flower to the point at which cannabinoids and terpenes can be inhaled, without actual combustion — no burning plant material, no fire, no smoke.

The result is clean, smooth, flavorful medicinal vapor (not smoke)! Here are the top benefits of dry herb vaping; it might have you swearing off your trusty Bic lighter completely:

It’s healthier!

We’ve all taken a hit of cannabis and coughed harder than that asshole in high school who always coughed, “loser!” every time I passed by. He had no social awareness…he coughed very hard.

As confidently stated above, inhaling burning shit into your lungs is not healthy. Vaporizing mitigates some of this, without making you give up your flower!

I’m not saying you will never cough when vaporizing your herb. I am saying that, overall, it is a gentler experience and agitates the throat and lungs less. To extend the metaphor, that guy in high school still exists, but someone hugged him at least once in this reality, and he only whispers “loser” as I pass by.

Your meds will last longer.

Using a vaporizer gradually raises the temperature of the cannabis, allowing you to reach the specific boiling points of each cannabinoid, terpene and compound in your strain. This means that, generally, it will take longer to consume the same amount of flower through a vaporizer than it would by smoking it.

Fire only has one temperature. Once you burn cannabis it’s gone. Most vaporizers work in cycles, meaning you’ll smoke the same cannabis several times before it will be considered spent.

Combusting your herb destroys many of those cannabinoids, before you ever get to experience them. Vaporizing literally gives you more for your money in that you aren’t destroying all those medicinal compounds.

Fuck lighters (mostly).

Most vaporizers don’t require lighters. That’s it, you see the benefit.

Yeah, you gotta charge most of them, but your dumb friend probably won’t ask to use your charger and then disappear into the black abyss with it.

It’s discreet like a novice ninja…but still a ninja!

Vaporizing your herb is much more discrete than any method of smoking it.

While it isn’t entirely unnoticeable, the smell lingers for much less time and it also puts off something of a burnt popcorn vibe that will throw some people off.

It also won’t look like you are removing evil spirits via herbal smoke cleansing when you medicate, as vapor is much less dense.

ABV edibles!

This could have been included in the parts about making your meds last longer, but it is too good to not be its own thing.

ABV stands for ‘already been vaped.’ That’s literally what it is: the cannabis remnants in your vaporizer that are no longer usable. It generally has lost all of its green color and has turned golden brown. DON’T THROW IT AWAY!

While you may not be able to vape this golden crumbly goodness, you can use it to make butter, tinctures and other edible goodies, once you have saved up enough of it!

Vaping your cannabis initiates a process called decarboxylation, which converts THCA into……yada yada, science stuff, HERE’S a great article describing the process in detail. What you need to know is that vaping is the only method of consumption that lets you make edibles with cannabis you’ve already consumed. You can find a ton of ABV recipes online with a simple search.

Yeah, you gotta go buy the dry herb vaporizer, but it can be a simple step that allows you to experience your cannabis in entirely new ways. These are just a few of the benefits! I could write a whole article about how dry herb vaporizers improve the taste of cannabis alone.

In the end, do whatever the hell you want! Vape it, pack a bowl, light a joint, eat it, boof it for all I care; no judgment, just do it responsibly!

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