Weekend Weed Deals – Fanning the Deal Flames

The Happy Ogle is back, after searching low and very high for Oklahoma’s best weed deals! This weekend, the deals are really heating up, and you can feel each dispensary’s passion burning strong. These firey deals put the setting on ‘high’ — flaring intense competition, as dispensaries battle it out to offer lower and lower prices.

Be sure to get in on the action while these deals are still on. The competition is hot!


  • The hottest flower deal this week is Planet Hollyweed, with $100 ounces out-the-door (OTD)! They grow quality hydro in-house and first-time customers get an additional 10% off, a penny pre-roll and a free gift! They are also having a clearance sale on carts for up to 40% off. 
  • Keeping things lit, Oasis has $25 eighths OTD, great daily deals and a buy 2 get 1 for a penny pre-rolls, PLUS you get to spin the wheel for free prizes on Sundays! Usually, they only let you spin if you spend over $100, so make sure it’s Sunday.
  • Like a steady flame, Mr.Green is still holding their $50 any strain quarters deal strong. I can personally confirm they have great quality buds.
  • A fair amount of heat this week was found coming from Remedy, with $165 quality Ounces OTD.

Concentrates & Edibles

  • WATCH OUT! Ganjzilla is scorching Oklahoma this weekend with a firey mega-deal they are calling the “Harvest Sale.” Buy one cart for $45, get the second cart for a penny.

This is a new record-low cart price for OK!

  • They didn’t stop there; Ganjzilla turned up the heat with more deals: $10 gram of OG shatter, free gifts for new patients, BOGO one cent 200mg syrups and select deals on flower.  
  • High heat enthusiasts will also love the Top Shelf deal with $30 full grams of shatter until September 11.
  • Gunning for the top spot on carts, Stars and Stripes still offers three 1g vape carts for $100 OTD. New patients get 25% off — one of the highest percentages ever offered — especially given nothing in the store menu seems overpriced to begin with.
  • Newly opened Straiin Dispensary has $40 one-gram carts and syringes while supplies last. First-time patients and veterans also receive 10% off.

Penny Pre-Rolls

  • The Peak’s deal from last week was so lit I had to go in to check it out in person. You can still get three 1g pre-rolls for three cents, one per review on Google, Weedmaps, and Leafly. I just showed the budtender screenshots of my reviews and he let me pick from about 12 different strains of 1g pre-rolls, no questions asked!

Three 1g pre-rolls for three cents is still the cheapest flower deal around!

  • By the same token, Project Relief offers two penny pre-rolls plus 15% off for your first time, if you spend $15. They also have dank ounces for $150 and grams for $6! This is an amazing flower deal at a shop open 24/7! Be sure to check the daily deals on Weedmaps before you go as they are always updating them.


  • A light in the dark for growers, UWD in Edmond and Norman has a huge selection of clones for $20 each to get your garden started. They have over 13+ strains, including favorites like Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Blue Dream and GG#4.

These are the perfect deals to burn it up this weekend. We can only hope this ring of fiery deals will continue to grow higher. Let us know in the comments which dispensary you think has hottest deals going. Thanks for reading, and make sure to stay lit, deal hunters.

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  1. I’d say this is kind of crap. Lol. No disrespect but don’t forget to mention the 100 dollar ounce at Hollywood is larf and trim…and releaf had 6 dollar grams of shake.

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