5 Strains to Melt Away the Stress of the Day

After a morning and afternoon of smoking sativas to fight my fatigue, I switch to a hybrid around dinner and to an indica after dinner. The indicas help me relax for the evening and enjoy a deep and blissful sleep.

Evenings are all about connecting as a family, and nobody likes it when mom is raging. Here are my five favorite strains to melt away the stress of the day:

1. GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies)

I guess Girl Scout Cookies went hard core rap and had to change its name; I hope P. Diddy (is that still his name?) approves. GSC gets my seal of approval. The smoke is smooth and the high is relaxing. After a few puffs, my body starts to melt and the worries of the day are gone. I’m relaxed, happy and my body aches disappear. Get it at Rabbit Hole Dispensary for $125 for a 1/2 ounce.

2. Granddaddy Purple

Mr. Purple will knock you on your ass. The smoke is thick and smooth with a hint of berries. The effects are outstanding. I tend to only smoke GDP right before bed (8:30ish, don’t judge me). I tuck the kids in, take a few hits of GDP, and by the time I’ve finished up my night time routine my legs and eyes are heavy and I’m ready to drift off to dreamland. Get it at Native Remedy for $180 for a 1/2 ounce.

3. Monster Cookies

At times I have a hard time slowing my mind down but don’t want to feel comatose. I came across the strain Monster Cookies, which is a mix of GSC and a purple strain (maybe, GDP). I smoked a pre-roll of this gem one time and my brain felt at ease. I watched the trees become greener and the sky bluer. Time seemed to slow down and my body melted into my patio chair. This one was harder to find. Canna Club in Tulsa has it for $170 a 1/2 ounce.

4. Skywalker

This strain has depth. Lots and lots of depth. The smoke is smooth but not flavorful and initially the high was subpar. Nothing special but a fun relaxing high. Until…the creeper-high effect hit, and then my vision became super crisp. I made note that some trees were closer and some were further away. Clearly lots of deep thinking was going on. My cares drifted away and any stress or anxiety was melted away. Get it at Doobie Factory for $125ish for a 1/2 ounce.

5. Blue Dream

I know it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid, but this is one of those cases that not all strains affect people in the same ways. I love Blue Dream in the evenings and at bedtime. Something about the smooth berry smoke sets me at ease. My anxiety and stress of the day disappear. My eyes get heavy and my below-average bed is suddenly as comfortable as the suites at the Skirvin. Instead of buying this strain, I decided to grow it. Get the tent, carbon filter fan and thermometer for $270ish and give it a try.

Finding time to relax in the evenings after homework and dinner is difficult at times — lots of times. Something I love about indicas is that they seem to make time slower. The chaos disappears and I am able to enjoy that last hour before the kids bedtime instead of stressing whether or not everyone is prepared for the next day. Guess what? They won’t be, and you’ll need a good headache strain on hand. Stay tuned…


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