Weekend Weed Deals – It’s Raining Deals

Hallelujah! This rainy weather has brought with it a flood of deals. Rain happens to be my favorite weather to smoke in, and I can’t be the only one excited about it — there is a torrent of great deals on flower raining down this weekend! Whether you just want to dip your toe or do a bigass cannonball, The Happy Ogle has searched low and very high to make sure you’re covered.


  • A tsunami of a cart deal is brewing at Mr.Green. They have multiple candy-flavored 1-gram carts for $29, tax-included!
  • From the deep, Tree Kings is doing three 1g carts for $100 or three half-gram carts for $75 and has daily ounce specials.


  • One of the few dispensaries with living soil strains that will dowse your brain with dank, Holistique is doing $30 1/8ths tax-included on strains like Platinum Cookies, Blue Cookies, Venom Og, Mango Tree #4, Mango Tree #10 and Blue Dream! They also have daily house specials not listed on Weedmaps.
  • Koli Cannabis West also has a super high-quality deal of flower testing at 22.06% THC Bubba Kush at $150 an ounce! 
  • Still keeping steady with the pack through the dense fog (wait that isn’t fog…), Steady Eddi has ounces of Larry OG for $150, tax-included or CoCo Kush for $175 OTD!
  • Get this slippery deal before it slides away at Natures Cure, with ounces of GSC for $99, Lemon Wreck for $150 and White Widow for $150, while supplies last!

Edibles & Concentrate—

  • Eden Rose has wax that looks very decent for $35 per gram.
  • !Edible alert! Green Health ClinicBuy 2 ice cream sandwiches for $10 total!
  • More edible deals spotted at UWD with $20 Gummy Leaves at 300mg! I love their Sativa Daytime English Breakfast Black THC Tea at $5.99. It was delicious and dank!
  • Bubbling up to the surface, Lotus Gold is offering $5 25mg edibles, and 5 Real OG pre-rolls for $20 from 2 – 4:20 p.m. every Sunday!
  • Fire Leaf is now having “Sundaze,” where every Sunday they have a combo deal that is pretty decent at 1g of premium flower and 200mg edibles for $40 OTD. They always have tax included and a pretty good loyalty program.

—Top Dispensary Deals This Weekend—

  • Truly insane deals ahoy! True Herb Cannabis has a $70 ounce of shake for GG#4! Perfect for those warm, home-baked cookies on a cool, rainy day or if you just like shake. They have a combo deal for a top-shelf 1/8th plus a 1g cartridge for $65! They also have $170 ounces of Sour Diesel and BlackJack.
  • Hempire is making a splash with wax & shatter at $20 a gram! They have a very economic edible deal for $20 250mg fresh brownies OTD, which their in-house chef makes daily! If you like plants, they have a nice selection of $20 clones, tax-free, like Bruce Banner, Green Crack, Grand Daddy Purp and many more!
  • Pro Tip: Last weekend’s crazy deals at Planet Holleyweed, The Peak, Project Releaf, Oasis and Ganjilla are all still going strong, so be sure to check out the previous edition of Weekend Weed Deals, in case you missed them! If you have fished up some better deals, be sure to leave them in the comments so we can keep the deals flowing. Happy sailing.

—Happy deal hunting, Oklahomies.

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