6 Times Bill Maher Was the Marijuana Superhero Oklahoma Deserves

Bill Maher, marijuana superhero, smoking weed on the Los Angeles set of his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher

Mr. William Maher has been in the media spotlight this week for a fat-shaming incident, which elicited an emotional response from James Cordon — the perfect warm-up act for his stand-up comedy show this Sunday in The Easily Offended State!

Billiam is passionate about smoking weed and a vocal advocate for the complete decriminalization of marijuana at the federal level. This, of course, is awesome…and it has made for some pretty great mic-drop marijuana moments over the course of his long career in comedy.

Whether you are getting pumped for the show on Sunday or just need a little you-time entertainment on your wacky tabaccy break at work, Uncle Skunk is here to help, with a video roundup of six times Bill Maher was our marijuana superhero:

1. Reading ‘Twas the Night Before 4/20

I really need this book for next year’s festivities! I can imagine gathering all my friends at the house, sitting them around a toasty dab rig and reading this magical tale — just giggling until the moment arrives where we countdown to zero and spark up at exactly midnight in preparation of an awesome twentieth of April! If you have a copy of this completely made up book, please make sure to bring it to the Civic Center on Sunday for Mr. Maher to sign!

2. Breaking Down Trumptastic Lies About Marijuana

Living in an age of alternative facts and fake news, Bill Maher delivers a powerful, mic drop soundbite that serves as a real kick in the dick to Trump and his swamplords. By the way, Praise Yebus (Kanye Jesus) this video was short! I’ve watched so many Bill Maher clips today, I might need some medically necessary time-off to fully recover.

3. Talking Shit on the Real Drug Villains


The man has his priorities straight. In this vintage stand-up bit, Bill rages about how marijuana (lives lost: zero) could ever be lumped in with heroin, crack and pills (lives lost: too many to fucking count). Preach! The only thing that began to bug me was how he pronounced OxyContin. Enunciation of the ‘n’ was jarring! Maybe my Okie drawl has led me to mispronounce the word, but it sounds better…less like a noob who would order, “One marijuana, please!” Guys, it’s pronounced Oxycottin, not OxyCoNtin!

 4. Rapid Firing on Politics, Guns and Drugs

Bill tends to ruffle feathers with his political views, but you can’t deny the power of this straight-for-the-jugular monologue and his perspective on what gun owners and weed smokers share in common (hint: it’s a lot). This leads to his confession about buying a super complicated and expensive bong, proving my point that Bill is one of the types on my list of people who buy expensive bongs. I bet it’s still in his closet.

5. Blasting Tea Partiers for Their Prohibition Stance

I never liked Tea Party people, mainly because they dressed in stupid costumes but also due to their hatred of tea and narrow view of the freedoms they support. It’s nice to see Bill Maher blast a so-called “small government” movement for railing against marijuana, something people do in the privacy of their own minds.

6. On Decriminalizing the One Drug That Never Killed Anyone

Man, this video is old! Like a decade old! Seeing stuff like this and applying it to today’s world really makes you think. It also makes me appreciative of how far we, as a state, have come. I know back in ’09 (the aughts?), I never dreamed I’d be legally toking high-quality bud at a reasonable price and writing about it for an Oklahoma cannabis culture brand, but here we are!

Go see our favorite cannactivist at the Civic Center on Sunday, and have a toking good time!

—Uncle Skunk is no fan of stand up, but you should buy a cassette from Cameron Buchholtz.

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