Cooking with The Croctopus: Cannabutter Recipe

Hey gang, Croctopus here to try to help demystify cooking with medical cannabis. In this series, I’m going to share some of my favorite ways to bake and get baked. First up, the most basic and versatile of all cannabis recipes, cannabutter.


1 cup of butter (2 Sticks)
7 grams cannabis (1/4 Ounce)


Scissors or grinder
Cheese cloth or coffee filter
Baking dish
Mason jar
Pot (the kind you boil stuff in)


Part 1 – Decarboxylation

  1. Preheat your oven to 240 degrees Fahrenheit or 116 degrees Celsius.
  2. Break up the cannabis and remove the large stems or any seeds. Hopefully your weed doesn’t have any.
  3. Spread it out in an even layer in your baking dish and add it to your preheated oven for 40-45 minutes. If you want to keep the smell down, wrap the dish in aluminum foil before putting it in the oven.
  4. Once the decarboxylation is finished allow the baking dish to cool before moving on to the next part…INFUSION.

Part 2 – Infusion

  1. Grind up your decarboxylated cannabis.
  2. Add your decarboxylated cannabis and butter to a mason jar and tighten the lid to finger tight, then unscrew just a touch to allow head air to escape. Unscrewing might not be necessary with mason jars, but I have anxiety about jars exploding. That’s why I do it.
  3. Add the jar of cannabis and butter to a pot of almost boiling water and infuse for about 3 hours. If your jar starts to float around, you can add a weight to the top of the jar to hold it down.
  4. Remove from water and let cool enough to handle. Use your own discretion and don’t burn yourself.
  5. Strain the butter.
  6. Calculate the potency of your butter and add it to your favorite recipes accounting for your preferred dosage. Or you can store it in the refrigerator to use later.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Cooking with The Croctopus. Here is a handy calculator to help with your dosing. Please use caution with edibles as they can affect everyone differently. Try a little bit and give it 1-2 hours before eating more. Eat weed within your limits.

Cannabis butter/oil potency calculator:

2 thoughts on “Cooking with The Croctopus: Cannabutter Recipe

  1. I wonder if an immersion circulator could be used in the second part. Like place the product with the butter into a vacuum bag, seal, the immersion circulate at different temps to see what infuses better. Would make for some killer testing!

    1. Absolutely. I have made cannabutter using an immersion circulator in the past but I didn’t want people to think they had to buy special equipment to make their own edibles. So for this first series of videos, we will be doing it as simply as possible. In the future there will be more experimentation for sure. If you want to make cannabutter with a sous vide right now you can circulate that at 185ºF for about 4 hours.

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