Weekend Weed Deals – Painting the Town Green

Some unique blends are coming together to form strong, vibrant new deals this weekend. Dispensaries are getting artsy with a special 420 painting event in early October (only 40 tickets left), combo deals and more!

But it doesn’t take a highbrow art critic to identify the top-notch deals this weekend. We searched low and very high to bring the best cannabis scores in the Oklahoma City metro to one place, for your deal-hunting pleasure.

Special Events

Urban Wellness Dispensary (UWD)
If you like painting or just want to meet some new card-holding friends, UWD is hosting an event on October 5 called Puff and Paint, where attendees are treated to a “pre-roll, complimentary wine, heavy appetizers, and a live DJ!” There are only 40 spots left. Tickets are $65 (call or stop by to purchase) and include enough art supplies for everyone to create their own painting of Snoop Dogg! Currently, there is a big raffle going on and every Friday there is also Happy Hour from 5 – 8 p.m., and grams of flower are $10! New customers get 10% off their entire purchase.


True Herb Cannabis
Still steadily composing the best deals this weekend, they have a beautiful ounce of shake for $70 and ounces of Sour Diesel and Black Jack for $170. This place also has great cart deals, including 3 1-gram carts for $95 and multiple amazing combo deals on their details section.

$25 tax-free 1/8s and first-timers get 15% off.

Tree Kings
$8 top-shelf grams and $25 1/8s, tax-included.

Fire Station 420
Currently also doing $25 1/8s.

Cannabus Dispensary
$8 1g pre-rolls for the weekend and 28$ 1/8ths of Sour Diesel. They have a new loyalty program, 10% off first-time customers, 15% off for vets all the time, and a huge selection with good prices on everything.


Gravity Dispensary
250mg cookies for $20 is the lowest-priced THC/mg ratio edible around.

Green Country Bud is getting creative with a selection of over 100 well-priced edibles, including some BAKED FRESH DAILY! P.S. They have insane deals updated daily on their Leafly page and are also doing a special for 20% off all cartridges, resulting in $31.20 carts, while supplies last.


Quality $40 carts and syringes of Moon Mix, 1937, Simple Cure and Keef brands. First-time patients also get 10% off.

Green Leaf Supply Co.
Top-quality, with daily updates on Leafly. This weekend’s deals include any 3 Timeless carts for $89, 2 grams of diamonds ? for $99, and a 1-gram bubble hash/shatter +  1/4oz flower combo deal for $99! If you leave them a review on Leafly or Google, they will also give you 10% off.

? Veteran Deal Alert ?

Tumbleweed Cannabis Co.
Good reviews and high-grade product. Their prices are fair on everything and actually rise to the level of good with their percent-off discounts. New customers get 10% off. If you mention something they posted on ‘Reddit,’ it’s 20% off flower — this weekend only! Vets get 20% off every day! With a veteran or Reddit discount, clones are $16! That is the lowest clone price in Oklahoma to date! They also have a surprisingly large selection of feminized seeds for sale on their Weedmaps page. Definitely worth a look.

We hope these deals were colorful enough make your wallet Happy, too. See what we did there? If you have some eye-catching deals to share let us know in the comments! Also…if you end up at next month’s Puff & Paint party and actually do paint a Snoop Dogg portrait for your living room, we gotta see it.

—Happy deal hunting!

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