Tokelahomahhhh…Wait, Where Am I? Signs You Need a Cannabis Break

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I’ve taken a deep dive into everything Oklahoma’s wonderful medical cannabis program has to offer. But more than a year in, it seems I can no longer get high. Sound familiar?

Like many things, however, cannabis inevitably reaches a point of diminishing returns, where the amount you need exceeds (to a greater and greater degree) the value of the benefits. But there is something you can do about it.

Take a Tolerance Break: Put down the pipe for anywhere between 48 hours to six days.

Not sure if your tolerance is “too high?” Here are four classic signs you’ve reached the threshold of canna-saturation…and that a tolerance break may be exactly what you need to rejunivate your cannabis experience — plus pro tips to survive it.

1. You’re spending too much money.

This is the first and most obvious sign you probably need a T-break. Lowering your tolerance is one of the best ways to save money on your cannabis. Good, quality meds can be expensive, but if you are doing things like eating less under the guise of intermittent fasting so you can afford more cannabis, you may want to take a break. You deserve to eat like a normal human, and you will get far more out of your cannabis afterward. That’s just an example; the 10 pounds I recently lost is entirely coincidental.

Pro Tip: SET A BUDGET and stick to it. When you set your cannabis up as a fixed expense and stick to that budget, you literally take away any financial surprises.

2. There is smoke coming out of your face…but not much is happening.

This is the issue that personally sends me into T-break purgatory on a regular basis. Having a high tolerance obviously means you won’t get as much out of your cannabis as you otherwise could. This is an issue when you are using cannabis to treat legitimate medical ailments. While it may mean some short-term discomfort, a sufficient T-break is guaranteed to restore the effects of your cannabis, without having to smoke enough to send interpretable signals into the sky.

Pro Tip: CBD CBD CBD! CBD has been a godsend for me during the times I find myself taking a tolerance break. I highly suggest CBD flower; it is a great way to medicate without sacrificing that tactile feel of smoking.

3. You start forgetting how to words good use.

Cannabis is great, but it can have some cognitive side-effects when used often, and a T-break is a sure-fire way to mitigate this. The symptoms come in many forms, from mixing up words more than normal to perpetually unlocking your phone only to have forgotten why you got it out of your pocket in the first place.

Pro Tip: I before E, except after C. That’s all I got for this one.

4. You keep forgetting you live in Oklahoma.

Easy to do! It’s almost like another state — so much has changed, and medical marijuana has been legalized if not normalized. With marijuana billboards every mile, it is easy to forget and feel like we’re in some weird twilight zone where Denver was hit with a bat made of solidified country music and lost all its mountains. This may be a sign that you need to take a step back, put the pipe down, and take a moment to appreciate how far our beautiful state has come in this short time. Then after several days, pick the pipe back up and get higher than you have in months!

Pro Tip: Distract yourself! Hit up the Oklahoma City Botanical Gardens, Take a ghost tour of the city! Whatever you like to do, our beautiful state has something that can distract you from your T-break woes.

As medical and personal needs differ from person to person, I understand a tolerance break may not be possible for everyone. But if you are experiencing any of these issues and can handle it, a T-break may be exactly what you need to restore the medical back into your cannabis!

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