Scissortail Park Grand Opening: The Night OKC Hit the High Note

What a wild year this has been! When I moved to Oklahoma City in August 2018, I couldn’t buy cold, high-point beer or even hit a liquor store after 9 p.m. In short, I was left completely and utterly underwhelmed. Wasn’t this was supposed to be the Wild West of John Wayne and Mel Brooks films?

Well, a year later, it is. Welcome to the Wild West of Weed.

It’s now 100% legal for a topless woman to walk through Scissortail Park packing a fat blunt and .45. If that’s not hip-hop as fuck, I don’t know what is anymore!

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These fairly recent legislative changes that embrace boobs, weed and (weirdly) weapons of war culminated — dare I say — Friday night at the Kings of Leon’s concert at Scissortail Park. It all came together, and it was beautiful to see…especially through the Happy, wide-aperture lens of a cannabis-activated third eye.

Anyway, let’s hop in this bitch.

Bricktown Rob, Patrick, Cardboard Jim Traber and I kicked things off by hotboxing out The Lost Ogle’s Global Headquarters in Bricktown. Might I remind you, this is 100% legal (and just plain dope). When we arrived at the concert, it became immediately as clear as day that we were not the only citizens who had sparked up beforehand. The entire evening I — in a state of bliss — witnessed joyful residents partaking and partoking it up in Oklahoma City’s lovely new park.

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Oh, and all memes about relevancy aside, Kings of Leon shredded. Friday night was a movie, and a good one at that. The new park? Gorgeous. Ignore the Twitter echo chamber ruthlessly slamming this newly-born green space; it’s going to be a fantastic place to loaf around on crisp Fall mornings with a joint.

Normally I like to find something to complain about or make fun of, but honestly I’m just over the moon at how wonderful this state is becoming. The winds of change, impending equality and progressive policy are beginning to sweep down the plains, and I’m here for it! In the not-too-distant future, I can imagine Oklahoma City residents being as surprised as their counterparts in Austin at being a blue island surrounded by a sea of red.

May your week be filled with toplessness, savory sativas and respect for all of humankind.

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