5 Essentials to Start Your Own Okie Home Grow

Did ya’ll know the decriminalized marijuana was going to be so expensive? I love the dispensary I visit regularly. They have excellent product, customer service, promos, discounts — THE WORKS. But with all the fees they have to pay and all the taxes I have to pay, shit is getting expensive!

I’ve hinted a couple times at growing your own favorite strains to keep costs down. Now, I’m going to make it easy for you to take that leap and start your own home grow.

Here are five essentials you’ll need to acquire, before you plant that first seed:

1. Tent $100

I suggest buying the biggest tent you can for the space you have. I bought a tent that tucks into the corner of my garage. Your tiny plants will look kind of ridiculous at first but think BIG. Damn it, you’re a grower! I like the simplicity of the tents. There’s no real worry about pests (including your kids) eating your plants, and it creates a controlled environment for your babies to grow in. I like this 48″ x 48″ x 80″ Vivosun tent on Amazon for $100.

2. Carbon Filter $100

Initially I wondered if I really needed a filter. I mean, do I really care if my garage smells like marijuana? But there is a lot more to filters than mitigating the smell. This unit has a fan that pulls fresh air in and also helps control the humidity in the tent. Mine got unplugged one time, and the next day my tent was sweating like Weed Mom in the middle of the night. To much moisture and you’ll be growing mold, not marijuana. This 4″ inline fan and carbon filter from Vivosun works great with the above tent and only costs $100.

3. Lights $260

There are all kinds of lights, and they’re all bright. You know, like the sun. The tent referenced in #1 above comes with poles from which to hang the lights, which is super handy. Keep in mind that lights take electricity, so spend your money wisely. I went with low energy LED lights. What’s the point of growing your own cannabis to save money if you spend it to pay a massive electric bill? The Mars Hydro LEDs fit nicely inside the tent, but you will need 2, which will cost $260 total.

4. Fans $20

You’re going to want two or three fans to circulate the air in a big tent. The good news is these things are cheap. I use that clip thingy and affix them to those fancy poles in the tent. No need to buy ultra sonic super expensive fans. You want gentle blowing air, not a tornado tunnel like at the Science Museum. I like these $10 fans that clip on those handy poles.

5. Light Timer $8

Don’t try to pretend like you’re going to remember to turn those lights on and off every damn day. It took me longer than I’m willing to admit to break down and buy one. Learn from my mistakes. Plants like a regular light schedule. Hum…I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with things growing outdoors and the sun rotating on a regular schedule.  A cheap $8 pool timer or Christmas light timer will work great.

The Economics (a footnote)

The grand total of these supplies is around $500. My first two plants yielded 1.5 total ounces of marijuana — comparable in quality to some of the $100-per-ounce stuff I’ve found at dispensaries. Depending on how many plants you have, your home grow investment pays for itself rather quickly. Remember, a home grow is supposed to save you money, not cost you a fortune. So make smart buying decisions.

Now that you have all the supplies, next week I’ll give you the basic steps to grow your medical marijuana — from seed to smokable product.


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