Coffee Shops & Cannabis: Your Local Guide to Caffeine and Kush

Since age 12, I’ve been drinking coffee as though the secret to the universe would be found at the bottom of each mug. The first time I had it black, my nerves stood on end and my focus was hyper-fixed on the task at hand. Ever since, I’ve explored local coffee shops to find the right fit for every occasion.

After one particularly stress-induced morning in college, I decided to smoke a joint and drink coffee at the same time. Have you heard the angels sing? Because I did that morning with my first wake-n-bake. This got me thinking: What are some strains and coffee shops that pair together like fine wine and a gourmet meal?

Allow me to be your local guide:

Second Wind Coffee (Norman)

Students at the University of Oklahoma and longtime Normanites know of this coffee shop. Its blend of minimalism and creative expression works as a makeshift lounge for students and a coffee bazaar of unique ideas. Not to mention, their espresso feels like rocket fuel.

Cannabis pairing  Strains to inspire creativity: Kali Mist, Jack Herer, Purple Haze.

Coffee Slingers (Oklahoma City)

In an outlet of a brick building on bustling Broadway Ave., one can find an environment where coffee fills the busy air. Business people coexist with those looking for that quick, yet satisfying, cup of coffee. This environment is a bit hectic but nothing to be concerned about.

Cannabis pairing — Strains to minimize stress: J1, Cannatonic, Blue Dream.

Cuppies and Joe (Oklahoma City)

Welcome to the land of coffee-fueled hipsters. This is not a deterrent; hipsters make a hell of a cup of coffee. Also, they have sweet munchies, like decadent cupcakes and cookies for any sweet-toothed stoner. This home-renovated coffee shop, which sits along 23rd St. in Uptown, is in many ways a first stop in a day filled with promise. Only downside is the areas to sit in may feel a little cramped.

Cannabis pairing — Strains to reduce social anxiety: ACDC, Jillybean, Remedy.

Elemental Coffee (Oklahoma City)

Looking for a spot to write out your thesis? In the mood for a light brunch pad to kick the weekend off just right? Check this joint out. For quick brews with a gourmet touch, this is the place to be. It’s centrally located in downtown OKC, so there are plenty of places to go next. You don’t want to be distracted; you have things to do.

Cannabis pairing — Strains to boost focus: Sour Diesel, Cinex, Harlequin.

Wild Hero Coffee Co. (Mustang)

Aside from throwing one hell of a Fourth of July celebration, there’s not much of a reason to go to Mustang…except for this one-off, roadside gem. This adobe-style cafe, which sits among fast-food chains and corporate complacency, is only recognized by locals and those daring to try something different. Their coffee is sweet, stout and every sense in between.

Cannabis pairing — Strains to enhance euphoria: Pineapple Kush, Purple Queen, White Widow.

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