How Cannabis Helped Me Get Fit, Stay Active & Lose 100 Pounds

When I was 19 years old and 100 pounds overweight, the idea of staying active sounded as foreign and dangerous as smoking on that devil’s lettuce my church group, grandmother, and McGruff the crime dog promised would send me down a godless path debauchery and sin.

Thank the good Dogg Father Snoop a cute girl came into my life at the right time and showed me that cannabis wasn’t everything that mean ol McGruff made it out to be.

Cannabis did send me down a path, but it was one of self-improvement, health, maybe a jogging path or two, and the displacement of 100 lbs of extra Trever. I strongly believe the plant I smoked helped my weight loss journey just as much as the plants that I ate. Here are a few ways cannabis helps me stay active and fit.

Exercising is boring, doing it high is an adventure!

The pre-cannabis, 100-pounds-heavier version of me wanted nothing to do with the irrational humiliation of improving myself at the gym. All of my dopamine came entirely in the form of pizza rolls. But cannabis makes working out interesting. Suddenly that methodic treadmill trudge becomes a pounding backdrop, and you’re pontificating about how, at this moment, you kinda look like a human-mouse on a wheel, except you’re not a mouse, you’re a person…doing his best…and good googly moogly those gummies were strong.

As an added bonus, a puff or two from a vape pen is just what I need to cut back on my anxiety of the slight possibility that strangers will witness me try hard at something. This sounds, silly but I know a lot of people feel anxiety about the simple idea of working out in public, and some pre-workout pot may be literally what the doctor ordered to relieve you of some nerves!

Smoking a joint helps soothe your achy joints!

In the past few years, I’ve gotten obsessively into jiu-jitsu, and I can honestly say that I don’t think I would be able to handle the stress of grown men trying to rip my limbs off several times a week, were it not for our wonderful friend, cannabis.

At this point, there is literally the science out there to back it. Cannabis and it’s essential cannabinoids and terpenes have been shown to aid like inflammation. It’s also worth mentioning that the deep sleep cannabis can provide for some is huge in the recovery of general athletic wear and tear.

If you avoid being active because your body protests afterward, maybe you haven’t considered how cannabis can cut the pains of your gains!

Breaking dumb stigmas is fun!

Cannabis is a medicine that does help alleviate the symptoms of legitimate ailments, all across the medical spectrum. I personally know people who worked hard and sacrificed a lot to make medical cannabis real in our beautiful Oklahoma, and it’s important to break the stigmas attached to it, which uneducated — and generally old — people have attached to this plant for so long.

Being a pothead who is healthy, fit and active is a great way to confuse dumb old people who were never cured of their reefer madness and assume the only thing you’ll ever lift is a Dorito to your mouth. Yeah, you ABSOLUTELY lift those delicious cheesy triangles to your mouth, but you also lift weights n stuff, bruh.

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