Top Shelf Tuesday: The Joint Cannabis Club

Welcome to Top Shelf Tuesday, where The Happy Ogle reviews three top-shelf strains from our favorite Oklahoma dispensaries. You may have noticed: There are a lot of medical marijuana shops in this fine state. Where to start? Well, we decided to start with a day-one Happy Ogle supporter who’s helped us keep the lights on: The Joint Cannabis Club.

Late last week, we dispatched our dedicated writers to visit both TJCC locations — OKC & Newcastle — to sample some top-shelf bud and give you their raw, uncensored reviews:

Whoa Si Whoa

Whoa Si Whoa, with flash to capture trichomes | PHOTO CREDIT: JamesWhoa Si Whoa in natural light | PHOTO CREDIT: James

This rarely-found indica-dominant hybrid strain makes chores a breeze. It’s bright green and sticky — so sticky I could pick it up on one finger — all good signs these massive trichome-covered buds were caringly cured properly. There were so many trichomes it glistened in the light! Whoa Si Whoa isn’t listed on the menus yet, but they do have it if you ask.

Despite its dominant-indica label, I felt overpowered by its sativa side, possibly from the very high TCH cap at 30%. The most surprising thing was the smoke actually had a peanut butter taste, just like the cookie strain its genetics are from — Do-Si-Dos crossed with The White. I coughed really hard on the first hit, but then it smoothed out with a nice flavor. The bud smelled like a fresh rose, but sweet and light, a common tricky trait of The White.

Whoa Si Whoa is said to help with insomnia, chronic pain, nausea and depression; however, I wouldn’t recommend this for pain as much as some other strains. The cerebral high was very apparent and lasted a couple of hours. It had a nice wind-down and really mellows you out, too. I highly recommend this for a more active cerebral experience rather than a couch lock.

Admittedly I was zoning out a bit in the first ten minutes and paying too much attention to my cat, but overall I was very focused and alert with Whoa Si Whoa. I didn’t lose track of time and was able to relax and handle things I needed to finish. It was a pleasant trip the whole way through and would be perfect for a day of getting things done without stressing about it at all.


Super Glue

Super Glue in natural light | PHOTO CREDIT: Auntie Skunk

After a great night’s sleep, I hit up The Joint’s OKC spot for a gram of Super Glue. Having only been to the Newcastle shop before, I was happy to discover this location only improved upon everything I had come to know and love about The Joint.

After being greeted with a friendly chat and info on Patrick and his peanut butter breath, I got a sick deal of 25% off their top-shelf stock for Friday! It just keeps getting better, like finding extra crinkle fries at the bottom of your Braum’s bag.

I got the perfectly dense and not-too-sticky Super Glue buds home, found they needed little effort to break up by hand and yielded dark, earthy hues splashed with the sweet smell of a wooded glen that gnomes call their secret smoking spot. Loading up my bong, I found the intake to be a little rough, but the exhale was met with the immediate sensation of a chilled egg being cracked on top of my skull and having its laid back vibes ooze down to my shoulders and over the rest of my body.

A grounded sense of wellbeing filled my mind as Sleep chugged on in the background. Super Glue is a perfect weed to listen to any number of Oklahoma’s excellent local stoner/doom/metal bands, such as Rainbows are Free, Turbo Wizard, BUGNOG, Crobone and a whole host of others. Check them out, go see them live, and bring them some of this top-shelf shit!

Uncle Skunk

Purple Punch

Purple Punch in natural light | PHOTO CREDIT: Auntie Skunk

I’ve been hitting up the Joint for long enough to earn up a discount, and they’ve been a consistent source of quality bud, with their Trainwreck being my favorite. I decided to try out the Purple Punch, an indica, for a restful evening.

Breaking up the tight nugs by hand is a must, as it brings out the grape and musky berry scents Purple Punch is known for. The perfectly colored and cured buds break up nicely, as I load old reliable and spark up. The immediate flavor evokes strong nostalgia: It’s the favorite grape-flavored treat from the hot summer days of your childhood. A very smooth intake and flavorful exhale make this strain perfect for French inhales, pulling my best Snoop Dogg.

A very slow and mellow wave of relaxation and good vibes overtook my body, weary after a long day, and dragged me to bed. Purple Punch has a mean south paw, taking me out with one swift strike. As I sank into a deep doze, a smile crept across my face, and I laughed at my good fortune of getting paid to do this.

Uncle Skunk is one lucky sombitch

What’s your favorite top-shelf strain? Drop it in the comments…

* The Joint Cannabis Club advertises on The Happy Ogle (and we love them for that). 

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  1. So, what you’re saying is, I need to stop by the Joint before shows at the Blue Note this Friday – WO Fat & Rainbows are Free, and Mothership w/Crobone at Oklahoma City Limits on Saturday???

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