Who’s Got the Stuff? Tulsa’s Top 5 Dispensaries (and Why)

At this point, I am very over the idea of visiting every single dispensary in the Tulsa area. Mostly because I need to do human things like eat, sleep and convenience friendly animals to let me pet them. There is only so much time and money to spend, and I regret that I have but two lungs to inhale with and must occasionally use them for actual oxygen.

Over a year in, I’ve developed a routine in my cannabis curation. I know what I like, I know where to get it, and now I’m gonna share that info with you! Here’s my list of the Top 5 Tulsa Area Dispensaries:

Natural Roots (my dab supply)

9223 S. Garnett Rd., Broken Arrow | As a daily dabber, Natural Roots gets the coveted position as my go-to dispensary. On any given day, you can generally walk out of the door with two grams of quality wax or shatter for $60-70. They also have amazingly consistent flower ranging from $8-15 a gram, and all of their prices are out-the-door. This place has been so great to me that I’m hesitant to put them on this list. They don’t have their menus online yet and have only been open a few months, but they are absolutely worth checking out.

Robot Pharmer (best quality flower that doesn’t cost a fortune)

1212 E. 1st St., Tulsa | If I’m in the mood for some truly top-shelf flower at a price I don’t have to get extraordinarily high just to deal with, Robot Pharmer is the place to go. A new face on the body of the thousand-headed hydra that is the Tulsa dispensary scene, this place has truly shocked me with the consistent quality of their flower. They also have the only pre-rolls I bother buying!

Greenwood Wellness (best value for flower)

1216 E. Apache St., Tulsa | Greenwood Wellness is where I like to go when I’m looking to buy more than a gram or two of flower. A few times a week, they’ll do a $50 quarter/$100 half deal that I occasionally take advantage of…like the free Tabasco packets they have at QT. Their flower isn’t quite as consistent in quality as Robot Pharmer, but they absolutely have the best quality/cost ratio I’ve found in Tulsa.

Oklahoma Home Grown (best daily deals)

9954 E. 21st St., Tulsa | As far as I’m concerned, Oklahoma Home Grown (OHG) is the crown champion, when it comes to daily deals in Tulsa. I don’t know if they even sell anything I haven’t seen at some sort of discount, at some point, in their daily deals. I’m partial to their reasonably-priced distillate syringes. And their full-spectrum house cartridges, while not the highest quality, have gotten me by til payday several times at less than $20 a pop.

Re-Up Cannabis Dispensary (best accessories/birthday prize wheel!)

6322 S. Peoria Ave., Tulsa | Re-Up consistently has quality products and solid deals posted online, the employees are always exceptionally friendly, and they have some decently priced cannabis-based accessories in the shop. Sometimes, they’ll do $10 for all grams or $35 grams of concentrate. I always make sure to stop by on those days and grab some cheap butane fluid for my torch! They are also the only place I’ve come across that has a prize wheel you can spin on your birthday! Woooo!

Honorable Mentions:

Gravity Dispensary ($20 for 250mg cookie)

8706 E. 41st St., Tulsa | Gravity regularly sells a 250mg cookie for $20. That’s all I’ve ever gone there for; does anything else matter?

Seed Cannabis Co. (transparent testing, beautiful environment)
623 S. Peoria Ave., Tulsa | Seed is the Apple Store of cannabis for the Tulsa metro. The dispensary is beautiful, and they also have a solid rewards program. They are also very transparent about their testing and growers, which I’ve learned to appreciate. This is the place I go when I want to know exactly what I’m getting in my cannabis — and who it was grown by.

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