5 Weirdest Types of Dispensaries in Oklahoma

Just over a year into medical cannabis, Oklahoma has experienced an off-the-charts explosion in the number of dispensaries operating in the state. Like any saturated market, trends will develop. And some dispensaries will try almost anything to stand out in the crowd. Here are five of the more interesting — and weird — dispensary types I’ve come across in my travels:

The place in a closet with 152 strains

These are some of my favorite dispensaries! You walk in; the check-in area is maybe the size of a guest bathroom; and behind a door is the actual dispensary, which makes up the other half of that guest bathroom. That is weird. The claustrophobic environment may cause some apprehension at first, but once you’re checked in, you’ll be greeted to a tiny closet with a greater ratio of cannabis-per-square-inch than the center console of Dawg Father Snoop’s car. The only thing in the place that isn’t covered in some sort of cannabis product is the budtender themselves, and let’s be honest, their skin is probably testing positive at detectable levels.

The wannabe Apple Store

This type is basically the ‘beautiful people’ of the dispensary world. While you won’t get a genius bar or a plethora of cookie-cutter electronics, you will get overly designed minimalism and bearded hipsters trying to sell you stuff! There is nothing inherently good or bad about these places. It’s just a little weird for a dispensary to look like a McModern show-home. Don’t presume the top-shelf aesthetic says anything about the quality of the bud, but if you want an incredibly expensive bong, they probably have one in a display case on the wall!

The one that only hires outrageously attractive people

You guys know this place: The logo is minimalist and tasteful; the building is nice and well maintained (note: this type occasionally crosses over with The Apple Store type); and every employee looks like a blemish-less, beautiful vampire with perfect facial composition and symmetry. I’m not complaining, but it is weird.

How am I supposed to concentrate on buying my concentrates, when my budtender’s face is causing some sort of Fibonacci response in my lizard brain (and I can’t stop staring at it!), while I immediately agree to purchase anything they suggest. No, I don’t need a mango scented bath bomb with a gram of vacuum-sealed weed in the center for $30…but I’m out the door before I even know I made the purchase.

The place with the killer deals, on the street you might be killed on

I go here a lot more than I’d like. You guys know the one. The place you first found out about via their unbelievable online menu, and you immediately thought it would become your go-to dispensary. When you finally got there you didn’t want to leave….your car…because clearly this journey for cannabis brought you to a part of town you are very unfamiliar with…and your love of colorful tee-shirts may now finally get you murdered.

But they DO have some great deals, so you’ll be back!

The place you can’t believe is still open…because the prices are high and the quality is meh

I don’t have much to say about this one, because I never go back. These are the dispensaries that have been open since the beginning and every time you look at their online menu you wonder how anyone is high enough to accept their prices.
But they are still there. That is weird. It is also a sure sign that medical cannabis is THRIVING in Oklahoma.

6 thoughts on “5 Weirdest Types of Dispensaries in Oklahoma

  1. Fibonacci was a mathematician that did a lot of work with perfect ratios and sequences in nature. A fibonacci response would be a knee jerk reaction to a natural perfect ratio. In this case, My inability to stop gawking at exceptionally attractive Budtenders

  2. Native Brothers on May is an example of The Place in the Closet. They’ve got close to 100 strains in a room about the size of a bathroom.

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