Yukon Man Forced to Sell Vacant Building After Wasting $25,000 on Dispensary

It feels like Oklahoma has jumped on the cannabis bandwagon in full-force; however, there continue to be news stories that put Oklahoma’s conservative backside back into the limelight.

Via The Yukon Review:

After spending more than $25,000 to renovate an abandoned gas station into what he had hoped would be a thriving business location, an area businessman said he will likely sell the building.
Justin Greenfield said he doesn’t have a choice but to put the property at 10 N. Kimbell Road on the market after the Yukon Board of Adjustments rejected his request for a variance to the city’s medical marijuana law.
Greenfield had planned to lease the building to a company called Hunter Grace LLC, which would operate as a medical marijuana dispensary.
However, the building site is less than 300 feet from an existing medical marijuana dispensary.
In addition, the building also is within 300 feet of a church. Both would be a violation of the city’s ordinance that regulates where dispensaries can be located.

Bureaucracy at its finest. Then again, bureaucracy is a funny word for bullshit.

You can put five different fast food chicken joints in a single town but two dispensaries gets everyone’s country-fried panties in a twist? Asking a business owner to develop their shop outside of 300 feet of church or school in Yukon is laughable. You can’t go 300 feet without bumping into a church! I grew up in Yukon; the only vacant spots are used for teen drug hideouts and vacant lots soon to be bought for another church. You’d have better luck finding the Mathis Brother’s long-lost gerbil.

Here’s more:

However, it also limits how close the business can be to a school. That distance, which is 1,000 feet, is set by the state.
Meanwhile, the owner of the existing dispensary also urged the panel to reject Greenfield’s request, saying that having two dispensaries so close to one another would hurt business for both.
The panel eventually voted unanimously to follow the city’s staff recommendation to reject the variance.
After the meeting, Greenfield said that while he wanted to do business in Yukon, bringing about 12 new jobs to the community, it isn’t to be.
“I will probably sell it. I don’t really have any other choice,” Greenfield said of the building.

I feel for this guy. Here is a man attempting to operate a now-legal business; yet, backwards-thinking city ordinances continue to hold back on what’s “sinful.” God forbid someone smokes 300 feet around a church or school.

What if the kids at Shedeck Elementary are outside and catch a whiff of marijuana? Soon, teachers and faculty will have to deal with a swarm of tiny, reefer-maddened heathens!

What if people leaving Life Church watch someone buy weed from a local dispensary? Well, clutch my pearls! Perhaps they’ll smoke some of the Devil’s Lettuce and feel the claws of Midwestern sin!

Get it together Yukon; smoking weed is one of the only ways Yukonites can cope with living in such a dull town.

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