Only in Oklahoma: The Meat Activist Budtender’s Great Turkey Sandwich Saga

Meat hero and activist Chad Story eschews employment at vegan-owned “good vibes only” dispensary.

Everyone is talking about the plight of former dispensary employee Chad Story, who believes he was fired from his job for being a meat activist version of gun-nut Tim Harper—only Chad is terrorizing people with his meat. Has PETA met its match?

According to KFOR:

He said he was fired after he stood up for a coworker who was sent home because of a sandwich with lunch meat that was discovered in the fridge.

“He [the owner] was belittling her on. ‘I can’t believe you brought in dead animal flesh into the store,'” Chad Story told News 4.

Our meat-warrior’s employment came to an abrupt end last week, when — in a coming-to-Jesus meeting with dispensary owner Robert Cox over Chad’s passionate defense of a colleague’s meat sandwich — he refused to sign the employment contract agreeing not to bring meat on the premises.

Has the War on Men Meat become as vicious as the War on Christmas? I wonder what this monstrous dispensary owner has to say for himself?

“I did my best to try to try to talk with Chad, as long as I could, to try to explain it to him but he was adamant that he was not going to adhere to the [no-meat] policy,” Robert Cox, the owner of Friendly, said.

Cox, who’s a vegan, said the policy is in place because of a personal conviction.

“The death and dismemberment that is associated with the getting meat on your plate, I’m just saying, I’d like there to be a higher vibration at Friendly. We’re really trying to raise vibrations,” Cox told News 4.

Who can blame the guy for wanting good vibes only in his dispensary? Good vibes, good bud, good deals and good breath are all…well…good for business.

But what about Chad’s personal beliefs…or his right not to be vibe-checked at work over a turkey sandwich? The employment agreement our meat martyr refused to sign says, in part:

“Your personal thoughts on this subject are respected by your freedom to consume meat products anywhere you want, EXCEPT inside the Holy space we’ve created at Friendly.”

Bummer, Chad. You are free to eat the entire slaughterhouse — just not on the hallowed grounds of a Friendly Market dispensary location. Oklahoma is an employment-at-will state, and it’s totally legal to fire someone for bringing meat to work and having bad breath (we presume Chad had both).

On a positive note for our unemployed carnist, perhaps Kirk Humphreys is hiring? Not being an attractive woman, Chad can confidently check off the most important box on our former Mayor’s fickle list of employment preferences! And while we are unsure of Kirk’s policy on bad breath, it does seem clear he loves white meat.

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