Cooking with the Croctopus: THC Taters and Gravy

This week I thought I would make one of the most traditional of Thanksgiving recipes — mashed potato and gravy! This is a great recipe to get your energy up, so you can make it from the table to the couch just in time for your post-Thanksgiving-dinner nap. These potatoes were wonderfully creamy with a ton of fat to help the THC and CBD absorb into your system!

Remember: Always test your dose, and give it an hour or so before eating more. Also, it doesn’t hurt to have a second, non-medicated batch on-hand for snackin after the first batch sets in.

Mashed potato recipe adapted from The Pioneer Woman’s “Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes.” Just use my cannabutter recipe in place of the butter.

Gravy adapted from Taste of Home’s “Herbed Turkey Gravy.” I added cannabutter to the flour to create a roux before adding the stock. I also used fresh herbs because they are delicious.

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