Weed Mom: Smoking Pot All Day Makes Me a Better Parent

This Weed Mom is a busy mom…and a daily, all-day medical cannabis user. Marijuana helps me feel like I did before Epilepsy and all the awful prescription medications. My goal with medical cannabis is to reap maximum therapeutic benefit without being intoxicated, which is the opposite of a Wine Mom — and I know, because I used to be one.

Smoking pot all day makes me a better an awesome parent. Dubious of this claim? Take a peek into a day-in-the-life of a Weed Mom with shit to do…

Good Morning

I get up about 6 a.m. Suffering seizures recently means I can’t drive, so it’s up and at ‘em in time to get the home-schooled youngster doing work by 6:30 a.m. and the big kid to the bus stop before 7 a.m. This is when I light my first joint — a sativa — to fight chronic fatigue from my Epilepsy meds and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

It gives me the kick in the pants I need to do some yoga or take a walk. Post-workout, I reward myself with a few hits. Then I start on the fun stuff: Laundry, cleaning, tasks for my work-from-home job. All while breezing around helping the homeschooler. Throughout the morning, I continue to toke on that sativa joint and also hit my vape. Around 11 a.m., I reach a point where I think I can conquer the world. Still, I am not stoned.


Me and the little guy eat lunch together and chit chat. He’s fascinating. I light a hybrid joint after lunch to start chilling out for the day. I’m old, so I start winding down after lunch but continue to be productive around the house. If the weather is nice, sometimes we take an afternoon walk. Being in nature after enjoying a joint is one of my favorite things. My vision is crisper, the air feels smoother (if that’s possible), and I feel weightless when I walk. Now I’m feeling like Wonder Mom.

Late Afternoon

Around 3 p.m., I start hitting the same wall as everyone else in the world, and I start to think the world might actually conquer me. Then I finish that hybrid joint and no longer care that I didn’t finish that project or fold those towels. The oldest gets off the bus at 4 p.m., and after that earlier joint, my mind has slowed enough that I have the patience and clarity to help with math homework or listen to him practice the clarinet. I even sometimes ask him to play for me; this makes him happy. Hello, mom of the year! The MJ relaxes me but doesn’t really make me high.


5 p.m. is typically the time my body starts to crash and ache. But my husband gets home from work to help with dinner, and I can sneak outside to toke while we cook. During dinner, we turn into The Cleavers. We talk to our kids.We laugh. We ask about their day. We connect, interact and enjoy each other more. Marijuana doesn’t withdraw me from my family; it makes me truly, deeply present for my family.

Night, Night

After dinner we retreat to our rooms and chillax. I’ll smoke the rest of my last joint over the next couple hours — hybrid or indica, depending on how I feel. It’s usually the third or fourth joint of the day, if you’re keeping count. Around 9 p.m., Weed Mom and the rest of the family are off to bed.

This Weed Mom uses cannabis to feel normal and to be the involved parent I was before Epilepsy. Instead of being anxious and irritable, I find myself fascinated by my kids and the interesting, kind and smart things they say. Since trading a wine glass for a joint, my kids open up to me more. We talk more, we play more, we laugh more. Weed Mom is an awesome mom.

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