Weekend Weed Deals – ‘Broke From the Holidays’ Edition

With Christmas over and the New Year approaching, a surprising number of dispensaries are running holiday deals through the end of the year. And what a variety! We searched low and very high to find the best weed deals this weekend for your fully-exhausted wallet. Before your holiday-broke ass makes an ill-advised resolution to stop with the weed altogether, you might want to consider these deals.


Nature’s Cure Dispensary – 100 SE 29th St. Suite C, OKC
Currently running a ludicrous $75 ounce deal OTD! First-time customers get 3 pre-rolls for a penny, and they also have a variety of other strains like Pineapple Express for $120 an ounce (while supplies last or until 12/31).

City Budz – 2419 SW 29th St., OKC
City Budz is an amazingly competitive new shop that opened about a month ago. They give a penny pre-roll to all new customers and they have $160 ounces and $25 eighths. The amazing thing about this dispensary is that their normal prices are low enough to be considered good deals! Some of their everyday products include a gram of live resin for $40 or a gram of shatter for $25 plus great edible gummy prices, including 125mg for $18 or a variety of 1g vape carts for $40.

Superb Herb Company1260 24th Ave. SW, Norman
They are living up to their name, with a $150 tax-included ounce or a free pre-roll for every $20 you spend until 12/31.


Doobies12248 NE 23rd, Choctaw
Running amazing prices, including 4 grams for $100 diamond batter and a big variety of 1g vapes for $29.99! First time patients get a free, one-gram pre-roll. Their normal priced flower is $25 an eighth, and they also have yummy regular edible prices, like 125mg gummies for only $8! 

Buddy Green’s Cannabis Co.8805 S. Western, OKC
This shop is hosting a “Giant Holiday Sale” with some notable deals, such as $19.99 .5g disposable vape pens, top-shelf quarters for $59.99 OTD and 15% off edibles.

Capital Dank – Midwest City – 301 S. Air Depot, Midwest City
It’s hard to believe this shop still has unheard of deals like seven 1g carts for $100, six grams of wax for $100, $75 oz of shake and 1g carts for $15, but they do (and their selection is pretty good too). Credible reviews show they are actually pretty good quality as well.


The Greens of Central Oklahoma 3401 N.W. 23rd St., OKC
This place has decent prices with a great happy hour 15% off everything special on weekdays from 4:20-5:20 pm. They have a HUGE selection of well-priced edibles and on Mondays are 10% off all edibles and any edible purchase comes with a pre-roll for a penny! They also have $25 eighths.

405 BUDZ (Open 24-7)1927 S Air Depot Blvd, Midwest City
The “Harvest Sale” here has dank 18.6% THC for only $115 an ounce OTD (while it lasts or until 12/29). Also 4 1g carts for $100 OTD or 300mg gummies for $25 OTD!

Origins Cannabis Dispensary 2410 N Meridian Ave, OKC
This shop is also continuing its amazing holiday deals, with $12 for a five-pack of pre-rolls, $10 150mg gummies and $25 1g sugar wax until 12/29.

—May the New Year bring you Happyness and weed deals a-plenty!

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