Uncle Skunk’s Favorite Flower Strains of 2019

There’s something almost romantic about my relationship with marijuana. I always try to save a bowl or joint’s worth of weed from each new strain or really good batch I try throughout the year. Call me weird (you’d be right), but I look at it like scrap-booking or photo-albuming for stoners.

As I sniffed each beloved bottle, jar and baggie, I found myself immersed in the memories of each of the different buds that serve as vague mementos from the past waving hello to my present self. Like a little Marijuana Remebrall of great highs and times and strains…

Pineapple Express

I started this pot project with the first strain I picked up the day I got my OMMA card in the mail. The tropical scent reminded me of those little butterflies I felt as I drove to the dispensary for my first visit and purchase. Its been almost a year, so the bud is a little dried out, yet it still retained a wonderfully sweet taste. Smoking something purely for the fact that I saw it in a movie — with Bill Hader playing air drums — and having it live up to the hype blew my mind! It was that very moment when I realized that we, as a state, had made it. It filled me with optimism then, as it does now, and I think we all need a little bit of that right now.

Super Glue

It’s actually super coincidental that I just picked up another eighth of this stuff from The Joint, because it’s such a good strain! Comparing the new nugs with the old bud, they really are almost identical in every sense. The same sensation of having waves of chilled vibes shimmer down my body — while still smelling magically delicious — speaks to the consistency of both this strain and The Joint’s high quality flower. It really is one of the strains that convinced me to enjoy weed with this slightly skunky, woodsy flavor profile.

Orange Cookies

With the hype of getting free tickets to Oklahoma’s first-ever Cannabis Cup this summer causing adrenaline to overtake proper brain processing, I rushed out — overly optimistic and under-prepared for what lie in store. I only took a few joints, no water, little money and a person who wasn’t feeling well and hated crowds. The Set and Setting rule of fun trips was ignored, and I soon realized there would be no cheap smokes and no free tokes. I found myself sitting by the pond that is Lost Lakes with a hastily-purchased $15 joint. It tasted like an expired orange soda from Pop’s and smoked like a piece of Top Daug shit. I left early with mud on my shoes, an overpriced shirt across my shoulder and tears in my eyes. Cannabis Cup was a total disaster, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my spotty memory for the Orange Cookies that got me through it.


As I open the lid to the small black plastic container, I’m met with a scent so pure and clean, Mr. Clean would cry. Out of all the strains I’ve collected, this beautiful bud held up the best to the test of time. Still perfectly cured and ready to break up into my new bong, its purity is something that rings the most true…a perfect pine paradise. I reviewed the Kolasaurus strain grown by Kola Organics back in November, and it blew my fucking mind. Getting paid to try some of the finest bud and dopest dank for free is something every stoner dreams of, and that’s all I have to say about that. Unless you want to read my 245-word review of this transcendent strain.

Strawberry Kush

I picked this up in a fancy five-pack of joints before The Lost Ogle Christmas party, trying not to fanboy out too much. These joints were perfectly rolled and filled with juicy, berry flavors, which made it a treat to share with the likes of James and Croctopus as well as some of the TLO crew. Before plucking up the courage to go talk to Louis, I actually saw the picture being taken of him in those awesome corduroy pants that later became an article. Fucking sweet. Both he and Patrick were awesome, and I bowled horribly. I only have one of these joints left; maybe I’ll save it forever.

—Uncle Skunk would like to honorably mention Trainwreck and Grandaddy Purp

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