3 Reefer Resolutions Every Tokelahoman Should Make in 2020

It’s the New Year, and with that comes a flood of cliche commitments flakier than celebrity wedding vows. Hopefully none of you were ridiculous enough to swear off weed altogether, but — let’s be honest — we could probably benefit from making a few changes. To keep thinks simple, I propose a Three Commandments version of some realistic cannabis-centric New Year’s resolutions you can (and should) make in 2020.

1. Maybe don’t be SO medicated, ALL the time.

We all know people who got high within ten minutes of the first dispensary opening and have stayed that way since. Suddenly having access to the bounty of cannabis products capitalism has the ability to conjure has bettered the lives of Oklahomans. But hey, also, maybe it’s time some of us started to remember how to use words good again.

Cannabis is a wonderful plant. Its benefits are so varied and complex that we are just starting to understand all the specific ways it can help people. That being said, most everything in life has a clear point of diminishing returns, and cannabis is no exception.

Unless you have a medical need that requires you to be medicated 24/7, 365 it’s important to have the sharp — yet brief — contrast of complete sobriety, to truly appreciate the benefits of cannabis. So maybe don’t smoke ALL the time. I’m making it a point to be particularly anxious every Wednesday! Because I know the other days will be better for it.

2. Set a canna-budget and stick to it!

This is the resolution I’m trying my hardest to achieve, and I know it will be a tough one to keep. Medical marijuana taught me that my laissez-faire approach to self control wasn’t working. I spent WAY TOO MUCH money on cannabis in 2019 and needed to make a change.

For 2020, I have set a strict weekly cannabis budget. I can spend it however I want, but — without exception — it is ALL I allow myself to spend until payday. A bonus of adopting resolution #1 (in my case, taking a T-break every Wednesday) is your weekly budget lasts longer.

3. Weed stinks. Be a considerate stoner.

There is a lot of weed being smoked in Oklahoma. It seems like everyone is doing it everywhere — or at least it can smell that way. Especially to the few remaining people in this state who don’t partake. Even if you if haven’t just hotboxed your car, you can carry that skunky smell around like Pig-Pen in a permanent cloud of weed stink.

Yes, cannabis is legal. And while it’s not illegal to smell like weed, it is inconsiderate to walk around like you were just attacked by a psychedelic skunk. So, for 2020, let’s commit to being more aware of how we literally wear our medication. Keep hand sanitizer and mouth wash on hand. Febreeze your goddamn coat. Maybe don’t smoke a joint right before that parent-teacher meeting. There’s no shame in the cannabis game, but we can be proud without being odoriferous.

—Stay Happy, friends. That’s the most important resolution of them all. 

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