The Precarious Plague of Pot’s Plastic & 5 Creative Ways to Repurpose

Cannabis has a huge problem. No, it’s not memory, excessive smell or a constant state of being too chill, well it is, but the REAL evil is plastic! Ya ever notice how much trash your cannabis makes after the medical program launched in Oklahoma? Your cannabis comes in a bottle, which comes in a bag, which comes in another bag?! It’s like a Russian nesting doll except in the center of the final doll you’ll find great cannabis instead of snow and vodka! For something so associated with hippie dippie stuff, cannabis is having an unfortunate impact on the environment. With that in mind, here are ideas for reducing cannabis waste!

Set up a Legit Reuse/Recycle Program 

This really seems like the most obvious “no shit” solution for the issue cannabis is having with plastic. However, like everything that falls within the circumference of 788, It ain’t that easy. From the dispensary employees, I’ve spoken too, the industry is currently facing some sort of regulatory issue regarding the reuse of storage containers once they leave the dispensary. I don’t really know if that is true or now, but I do know that as someone who frequents a lot of dispensaries, I see a shockingly few numbers of them have programs in place for returning those tiny green canna barrels.

The solution is simple! Offer a small discount for returning them or simply provide a box for customers to drop them in. I’ve seen places do both and both at least help mitigate plastic waste!

Melting it all Down and Making the “Worlds Largest Bong” tourist attraction 

I truly believe giving this idea away, to the masses, for free, is a public service. Cannabis is already doing great things for the economy of our state, in order to triple even quadruple that profit, I’ve got three words. Worlds. Largest. Bong. We can put it in Disney, Attach it directly to the flood gates of the world’s largest multiple arch dam! Every year, we’ll meltdown all of our waste cannabis containers and use it to form another chamber of the bong. Solidifying our position in the first place! The tourists would flood in!

Building Playgrounds for the Kids

This is an option of true altruism and creativity! Do you remember going to a playground as a kid, and having your shoes fill up with those tiny bits of black rubber they lined the ground of some parks with? that stuff was made of old tires that were ground up into tiny pieces and repurposed for children play equipment. Similar to the cannabis industry, the automotive industry also doesn’t know what to do with some of its waste. Ya, see where I’m going with this?

Imagine! an entire castle, constructed entirely of bright green repurposed cannabis containers! Kids could play the day away as they clime the endless stacks of skunky green cylinders. They can improve their reading skills exploring the plethora of labels and strain names, and, parents can take the opportunity to educate their children about responsible use of….everything!

Craft Light Infantry Armor for the Zombie Apocalypse

This is my favorite theoretical usage for all this extra plastic! We are not even two months into 2020 and we’ve already had a global climate on the brink of world war and a potential epidemic! With so much chaos afoot, Its likely society will collapse in world war. With all the chaos, supply lines will be affected and we will need some way to protect the brave folks (us) who have to protect our homes during the invasion of the Corona-zombies!

Who needs expensive and hard to maintain leather during the zombie apocalypse when you have plate mail made from all this bright green, un-sustainable, cannabis packaging! We can charge into our inevitable demise knowing that we’ve done our part to increase the sustainability of the planet! ya know, during the war.

Stop Using Plastic Entirely

I know this sounds crazy….but hear me out..What if…We just agreed to stop using plastic??I know! it sounds crazy! But! if we all agreed to just buy our own, non-disposable, containers. We may be able to help, I don’t know, SAVE THE DAMN PLANET. Honestly, hand me a branch with the buds still attached. Whatever it takes to do my part!

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  1. Very much enjoying cruising the site. This shit made me laugh so hard and I had to share with others:))

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