A Heavy Dusting of Oklahoma Weed Deals

While everyone else was loading their bongs with snow, we were braving the white tundra hunting down the best deals. (Actually, the snow-bong tradition was too good to pass up, so we did that too!) Crossing fingers for decent weather tomorrow, for Oklahoma’s first cannabis-friendly kickboxing event, Buds and Brawls Winter Showdown!

We searched low through the snow and very high to find the best deals on the market right now…

MediCann-OK – 8302 NW 39th Expy, Bethany, OK

This shop still has the widest variety of best prices in Oklahoma, all tax-included! Regular-priced shake ounces are only $60, and regular ounces are as low as $99! There’s a TON of amazing edible choices, including 80mg for $8 and a large selection of 1g carts for $45 OTD. Don’t forget the free coffee and munchies in the lobby!

Straiin 4041 NW 39th St., OKC

They have upped their concentrate game with a huge variety of 1g carts for $45 OTD, super clean looking shatter and crumble at $40 a gram and diamond grams at $50. Their flower is as low as $8 a gram and eighths at $28 OTD.

405 BUDZ (Open 24-7) – 1927 S. Air Depot Blvd., Midwest City

Through today (*act fast*), you get 300mg gummies for $25 OTD. Through February 18th, there is a mix/match sale on Keef and Black Mesa products: 4 for $100, with 1g vapes, 1g shatter and 300mg edibles to choose from.

Rogue Cannabis Co. – 3508 N. Classen Blvd., OKC

The highly regarded DynaVap vaporizer is just $35…or with a very nice starter kit for $70. There are also several other quality vape options at great prices. Their live resin carts are only $50 per gram, and badder is $40 a gram. First-timers get 10% off, and you get $10 off when you bring a new customer. You can even get your medical license doctor appointment here for $75.

Likewise Craft – 6808 N. May Ave., OKC

Recently they switched to tax-included pricing and still have the drive-thru. Their prices on everything are super hard to beat and did we mention the drive-thru? Newcomers get 10% off. They recently have mega dank top-shelf strain of Zour Apples from Rooted Zen at $45 an eighth! Notably, there are also disposable vape pens for only $25.

Oasis Healing Center – 1013 SW 19th St., Moore

This is the place to get extremely high-quality dabs. You’ll want to go during happy hours on Mondays and Wednesdays from 12 – 2 p.m. and 6 – 8 p.m. to get 20% off the entire store. Even the regular price is nice, with shatter at $40 a gram, live resin at $60 a gram and 1g carts for $40.

Euphora – E. 61st – 8007 E. 61st., Tulsa

These guys have tax-included pricing on everything, $7 grams daily, 300mg gummies for $30 and 1g syringes to add to your coffee for only $25!

PharmaCanna – 13 NW 63rd St., OKC

Spin their prize wheel when you spend over $150; 3 free pre-rolls if you spend $50, which is easy to do with top-shelf ounces for $200 and 4g moonrocks for $55.

We hope you found the perfect deal to keep you warm and high through this Okie cold spell. Tweet us your snowbong pics: @thehappyogle!

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