Purple Punch: Why Oklahoma Loves This Strain

PURPLE PUNCH | Photo Credit: Auntie Skunk

Last week, as I checked which stage of pre-weather panic I was supposed to be in, I discovered it was Stage 3 — Bud & Snacks — and I was out of both.

As I hurried to my favorite spot, The Good Place in Norman, I saw the rest of the city was in the same mindset — getting all the necessary items for one day of actual winter weather. My usual old dude was there with a “hey man,” and I quickly settled on the frostiest snowballs on the premises:

Purple Punch, grown by Ground Zero Buds.

Purple Punch might not sound like a wintry treat, but the sheer sight of the sugary buds ignited my imagination, as I envisioned throwing snowballs of this dank into my bong. With the clouds looming and the temperature dropping, I hurried home to wait out the promised snowfall. When I got the phone call saying work would be cancelled, I knew exactly what to do with my snow-day off. Lucky Skunky!

PURPLE PUNCH | Look at these sugary buds! Photo Credit: Auntie Skunk

I awoke the next morning to a winter wonderland and quickly chilled my bong in the new-fallen snow, loading the perfect bowl of Purple Punch. The electric smells of grapes, berries, earthen vines and bushes exploded in my mind, as I broke up the perfect nugs by hand — not too powdery or dry but firm and juicy, like the best snowballs.

The electric smells of grapes, berries, earthen vines and bushes exploded in my mind, as I broke up the perfect nugs by hand . . .

Grabbing the now-frosty bong, I inhaled a perfect rip…the taste of a sip of grape Kool Aid on my lips on a hot summer day! I felt like a kid in school once again, with the whole day ahead for me to enjoy. Call me a product of the 80s, but what happened next sounds like something straight out of Calvin and Hobbes:

With this indica-dominant hybrid buzzing happily in my brain, I rolled a few Purple Punch joints and hit up some of the best local sledding spots (like the soccer fields over off of NW 32nd). I got cold (and high) as fuck, laughing my ass off as I tore through the fresh snow at lightning speed. Returning home, I bundled up with hot beverages, comic books and more Purple Punch, only to find myself once again wrapped in a fuzzy blanket of weed warmth and happiness.

Purple Punch provides a heady, euphoric high that hits almost immediately, leaving no doubt why it’s such a popular Oklahoma strain. It’s perfect for rejuvenating moments of growth…and reveling with childlike enthusiasm in the joy of the lighter side of life.

Highly recommended for a snow-day off or weekend getaway!

—Uncle Skunk is still a kid at heart…

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