Oklahoma’s Dopest Valentine Deals

It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air! No, wait, that’s smoke from my joint. Sorry. Whatever is in the air, a heart-stopping weed deal is in your future. We searched low and very high for the very best weed deals right now, and there are a lot of them. With any luck, you’ll find The One.

Valentine’s Day Deals 

Pharmhouse Cannabis Co. – 530 W. Lindsey, Norman

This shop with great prices is hosting an amazing Valentine’s Day Sale: 1g diamonds and sauce is just $30 (or 4g for $100), 1g kief is $10, and four 1g pre-rolls are only $20! You can pre-order on their website, and students always get 10% off.

Kind Love OK – 302 S. Frankfort Ave., Tulsa

This place is servicing Oklahomans in a special way with a V-day deal that includes 100mg chocolates + 300mg personal lubricant, for those special cannabis moments in your life. From the looks of it, they have amazing quality products, including a huge variety of well-priced edibles as low as $6 and a .5g of Logans Run for $75 OTD…if there is any left.

Other notable Valentine’s Day deals can be found on the dispensary pages, below:

Origins Cannabis – 2500 NW 23rd St., OKC
Free 14mg chocolate with purchase of a $25 eighth!

405 BUDZ (Open 24-7) 1927 S. Air Depot Blvd., Midwest City
V-day flower sale with top shelf as low as $10 per gram.

Green Country Bud 8903 S. Yale Ave., Tulsa
Choose from nine limited edition, weed-themed Valentine’s cards and boxes.

Robot Pharmer 1212 E. 1st St., Tulsa
Multiple V-day combo deals!

Soul Leaf Dispensary 1403 S. Midwest Blvd., Midwest City
Three different tiers of V-day bundles.

Chill Dispensary 22 NE 10th St., OKC
$80 V-day bundle for ballers.

Solace Meds – 804 W. I-240 Service Rd. #D, OKC
A semi-confusing but epicly named, “Cupid’s Duffle Bag!”

Emerald Elite THC 4623 SE 29th St. Del City
A couple’s deal: 2g top shelf flower for $22 OTD.

Regular Deals

Yellow House Dispensary – 3215 S. Boomer Rd., Stillwater

At it again with .25g RSO samples for one cent through the month of February. They still have a crazy BOGO eighth and $10 top shelf gram for all new patients too! These guys are ones to keep an eye on, as they give out email coupons for free stuff all the time.

Green Doctor 420 – 12000 S. Western Ave., #C, OKC

New patients get a 1g pre-roll + 5$ gift card. They have great quality and flash sales posting constantly on Instagram.

Along Came Mary – 3120 W. Britton Rd., OKC

Newcomers who spend $65 get a free gram of any shelf plus 15% off! All prices are tax-included and they have great quality $35 eighths and ounces for under $200.

Dr. Z Leaf – 6827 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa

They keep having insane flash sales, like a recent one where the first 50 people in the door received 1g diamonds for $15! They had a $2 for 2g deal that ended too, but it is certainly worth watching their deals like a hawk.

Green Acres Pharm – 13579 Hwy 8, Fairview

The GAP just opened two days ago and has quality 100% organic homegrown product; $35 1g concentrates; grams as low as $6.59; and shake/trim available.

Big Chief Collective 2 – 1912 NW Cache Rd., Lawton

This recently opened shop with quality $10 grams OTD and a new patient deal for penny pre-rolls is super legit.

Blooms Dispensary – 1919 NW Cache Rd. #B, Lawton

Grams as low as $6 and first-time patients get a 10% discount + a “free gift.” They also have $80 ounces of shake and concentrates as low as $30 a gram.

—Happy deal hunting, cannabis lovers!

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