Homegrown Burlesque and a Blunt: My Happy Valentine

Melissa & Nathan enjoying a proper hotbox sesh before the show.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day really isn’t my thing, but leaving the kids at home and going out with my husband is my thing. So I jumped at the chance to go see Oklahoma’s own Adèle Wolf’s Burlesque & Variety Show – 8th Annual Valentine’s Affair on Saturday night.

My editor also promised I could get super high beforehand, so I did just that — and didn’t even break one law. Meaning we hot boxed the fuck out of my Nissan Murano.

The show was held at The Auditorium at The Douglass (a/k/a Douglass High School), which is really quite beautiful. I marvel at older buildings and architecture, especially when I’m really high. I felt like Morgan Freeman could walk around the corner at any moment to bust up the illegal booze table and throw everybody in detention…but maybe I’ve just watched Lean on Me too many times.

The very best thing about the Burlesque & Variety Show is how totally unique and exciting it was — especially compared to the mundane dinner-and-a-movie dates that mark the well worn path of couplehood. The show began with the beautiful and talented Adèle Wolf herself. She is the most entertaining and engaging dancer! I felt like I was in Vegas — which is actually where me and Weed Dad got married — but I had never seen a burlesque show. Ever! The evening moved quickly with Adele hosting; I happened to enjoy every single one of the performers!

Then my pot paranoia kicked in!

Aerial artist Emma D’Lemma, who is so talented it’s scary.

Oopisie. When Emma D’Lemma was performing, she would seductively climb her bed sheets and then spiral down. I did not think that was a good idea, worried that her spiral might turn to plummet. But Emma D’Lemma pulled off the aerial acrobatics and much, much more, without harming one hair on her lovely head. Everything turned out fine. She didn’t crash to the stage, and I didn’t bolt from my seat to trying to catch her. Now I know my Weed Mom paranoia about running with scissors extends to strangers climbing bed sheets.

At intermission we hot boxed the car again took a bathroom break, and I signed up for some classes at the Oklahoma School of Burlesque! Which you should totally do — want to join me? During the break, it was nice to move around and talk about the show and what to expect of the second half. Everything is so rushed in the modern world, it was truly joyful to slow down and savor every aspect of the evening.

Oklahoma’s own Adele Wolf!

To start the second half of the show Adèle performed again. The audience was glued to her graceful movements; she is a treat to watch! I especially enjoyed Adèle roasting a guest for having their phone on. Manners, people! The show has a fair amount of crowd interaction, but don’t let that scare you; it isn’t forced.

Jo Weldon, whose performance was incredible!

The show ended with a tribute to old school Vegas burlesque with Jo Weldon…it was incredible! She looked like she was having the time of her life up there. The crowd could tell, and they let her know. It was a great way to end the night; right before the alcohol tipped the crowd over the edge. It reminded me how great it is to be Weed Mom, instead of Booze Mom.

Your next opportunity to catch an Adèle Wolf production is this summer at the Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival June 12-13, the largest burlesque show in Oklahoma! It promises to be full of dancing, singing, scary sheet-climbing stuff, belly dancing and all kinds of entertainment. I highly recommend you make plans to get off the couch and out of your comfort zone to find out what Burlesque is all about!

Weed Mom with her forever Valentine.



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