Meet White Widow, Your Old Friend

White Widow Review

White Widow is that one strain everybody knows and trusts. It’s famously everyone’s first triple-A strain. It’s that name you remember your best friend telling you, before you hit the makeshift gravity bong he made in the bathtub while his parents were out of town.

After hitting it you don’t remember much else, but the name will stick with you because the strain speaks for itself. I tried other famous strains before, which I am sure my friend named for me, but White Widow was the one that I always remember. I found it fitting for a review.

This particular Widow was grown by Recreation Plantation and sold by Native Brothers Dispensary — a tried-and-true shop with quality flower for sure. Their bud was clearly well cured and trimmed with good green coloring throughout. White Widow’s signature orange trichomes were definitely present and accounted for, and they looked super juicy.

I was excited to try it and was super glad they had some very healthy green-looking Widow properly stored in a glass jar out of the sunlight. I love it when stores have good optimum storage practices.

It still retained some of the moisture and the odor of the buds was faint, but you could make out an earthy freshly mowed grass type flavor. There was an even slighter lemony smell to them after a couple of serious sniffs.


I find it interesting to log the taste of each flower, so this was quite pleasant and unobtrusive. It has almost a creamy earthy taste that reminds you of wheat almost. However, after a couple of minutes, there was still the typical piney sting to the tongue.

The taste of the smoke was very similar, with thick creamy smoke that also had a clay type scent. After tasting the smoke, the first hit was very smooth and I only coughed on the second. This stuff does pack a punch.


This strain has good stats all around and has a more balanced high and terpene profile. I would recommend it as a good de-stresser, as it provides very uplifting feelings. It’s easy to think about loved ones on this strain, so try not to get too emotional like I do, but the strain is just that good.

Creep: 9/10

There is a very pleasant creep with this one and it’s great. If you want a high to really sneak up on a friend in a good way, White Widow is perfect for that. The high is a decent regular body high with the tendency to misplace objects in your house.

Personal Bud Effects Scoring:

Pain: 6/10 Creative: 8/10
Brain: 8/10 Productive: 4/10

Overall Strain Rating:


In the end, I was amazed at the huge selection of strains Native Brothers offer that all look so pristine. This Oklahoma grower looks to have excellent growing practices (from their Facebook profile) and knows how to deliver. I highly recommend Native Brothers if you are looking for some quality White Widow. It passes with flying colors and happy memories.

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