Report: Oklahoma Child Eats Pot Brownie Before School

Court documents reveal that earlier this month a Claremore middle-schooler showed up to school one morning high AF. Via ABC affiliate KTUL in Tulsa:

Claremore police have arrested a couple accused of child neglect after investigators say an 11-year-old ate a pot brownie.

Police say the child then showed up to school under the influence.

This Weed Mom has one of those 11-year-old creatures at home, and man are they tough to deal with — which is how I know those parents are seriously going to miss that brownie while they are in jail!

In this case, the precocious schoolgirl knew exactly what kind of brownie she was eating and was super excited to tell her friends at school:

Court documents state that the child…had reportedly told a fellow student that she had eaten a pot brownie before school.

Those documents say counselors noticed something was different about the student.

Did the supersleuth “counselors” notice before or after little Jenny’s galpal narced her out? Maybe she was strangely fascinated with math, philosophizing to the class, “Soooo…guyssssssss. Numbers are like the words of the universe. Math is a language, and it’s high time we learned to read.”

What about these reckless parents?

“…the two [were] arrested, admitted to growing marijuana in the house.”

The child told police she sometimes helps water the plants and has access to marijuana muffins and brownies.

Culturally normalizing marijuana is one thing. But recruiting a child to help tend your grow operation and leaving weedy snacks and baked goods in reach of curious little hands is beyond the pale.

We shouldn’t need a light-hearted marijuana site to remind us to keep our tasty treats and all medicine stored in childproof containers away from their reach at all times. Not just because it’s the law but because kids are kids and they do dumb shit. They also really like treats; leaving edibles lying around is an invitation for trouble — or worse.

On the bright side, weed has never killed anyone, including a kid. Dr. Bonni Goldstein, a pediatrician for 28 years, including 13 as a pediatric emergency room physician, told VICE news just how dangerous marijuana is for kids:

 “You cannot fatally overdose on cannabis.”

I still do not condone leaving your brownies or muffins laying around, but it is reassuring to know tide pods have killed more children than marijuana.

Educate your kids. Store your marijuana in child resistant containers (let’s get real; those fuckers can get into anything)! If you smoke flower, you have it easy. I use my old giant pill bottles. You can also put it back in the container it came in. For edibles they sell lockable storage containers. If you have older kids, maybe invest in a safe.

These preventive measures area helluva lot cheaper than having your stash swiped and needing bail money.

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