Kola Organics Just Dropped a New Strain, and We Have Opinions!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! It’s time for some new flower from Kola Organics! The same ganja gurus behind the prehistoric peak of Kolasaurus and the healing high of High Ho Kola are back at it again with a brand new proprietary strain: Widow Kola. This lucky Skunky got to take it for a puff puff hell no I won’t pass…and now I get to tell the tale of my sneak peak down the rabbit hole.

Meet Widow Kola


She is one bad bitch. Starting off with the smell of the buds resting on the seat beside me, as it filled my car on the ride home; I cannot understate how pure and clean these Kola strains smell! Widow Kola was my third to try. None of that weird chemical or enhanced sniff that occurs with many brands. When I emailed Master Grower Bryce Davis about it, he replied, “Kola’s proprietary living soil mix is made from scratch, so it will produce a bud superior to other farms. The proof is in the pungent cannabis terpenes and incredible potency.” Whew! He totally saved me on that one, ’cause I was just gonna say it smelled amazing because it was organic or something.


When the nugs are unbroken, they have that signature dank smell with hints of caramel or honey. But as I began to break it up by hand, the combined fruit of every fantasy paradise began to rise from my fingertips. I’ve had the strain known as ‘Fruity Pebbles’ before, but Widow Kola blew that shit out of the cereal bowl and opened my eyes to to a whole new game.

While I was breaking up the flower, I began to admire the dense green buds that shimmered with orange amber veins running along and inside its entirety. The correct cure on flower is an easy process to not perfect and become complacent with, but these resiny nugs knew how to retain composure and not become too fine or chunky when deconstructed and loaded into a bong with a clean screen and water.


With an earthy in and exhale, the mysterious taste of fruit from the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge creeps through my mouth and mind. Of course it is a taste modern humans have never known, yet somehow I am 100% sure the taste of Widow Kola is akin to that of the long forgotten fruit — all encapsulated within a woodsy flavor.


And what a tale it is! A rising sensation starts from the tip of my tongue and ends up causing my mind to rise out of my body. This begins to excite and connect long tendrils of bud cells to brain stem, like a human-jellyfish hybrid. Folks, that’s pretty fucking high.

After the initial swell of high tide, I began to float gently back down for many hours on an endless stream, spilling out into a TH sea of relaxation. The mind-blowing quality of this strain speaks to the attention to detail that goes into every single one of the Kola Organics strains I’ve tried — seed to smoke. Highly recommended for all those marajuanauts out there!


5 out of 5 Skunks! ?????

Ask for Widow Kola at Oasis Healing Center, Heaven Scent and dispensaries that specialize in premium cannabis from Oklahoma’s most masterful growers. Drop your favorite top-shelf Okie growers and strains in the comments.

Uncle Skunk will see you at the OM show!

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, no one pays us to say nice things about their weed. If you know our Founder / Publisher / Janitor, you know ‘nice’ is just not his thing. 

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