Oklahoma: Where Dabs Are so Cheap, It’s High Time You Tried It!

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It’s easy to understand why someone who has only ever medicated with flower or edibles would avoid concentrates like they were a LifeChurch.TV pastor in a self-imposed, just-in-case Coronavirus quarantine. However, with prices dropping like whatever “It” was in that one Snoop Dogg song, now may be the perfect time to take a walk on the side of cannabis that may or may not involve torches.

Recently, our friend and concentrates guru Landon Sharp with Rancho Pura Verde did an expert job helping us to cover the basics. And with the recent drop in concentrates prices in Oklahoma, it’s the perfect time to revisit this unique category of cannabis and break down what you need — and what it’s going to cost you.

Standard Stuff

All of these concentrates are essentially the same product in different consistencies — like me, as I lost my 100 pounds of high school depression weight!

Shatter – Brittle and generally translucent, this stuff is pretty and looks like glass. Shatter isn’t my favorite, only because it’s hard to deal with: It will shatter, and it’s a depressing time when your shatter scatters across the room faster than a cat hopped up on catnip at 3 a.m.

Wax, budder, crumble, sugar – Now these are different products…kinda but not really. Imagine candle wax at every stage before it becomes liquid, and that’s most of these! Which you choose is a matter of preference. If I’m dabbing, I prefer wax or budder — something with more moisture that will stick to my dab tool. If I want to supercharge a joint, I want something dryer, like crumble, so it’s easy to handle and doesn’t make everything sticky.

How much is an Okie payin?? – Right now is a marvelous time to be an Oklahoman! As I write this, Stars and Stripes Dispensary in OKC is selling 8 GRAMS for $125! If you aren’t a regular user of concentrates this is probably enough to last you a long, long time. 

Connoisseur Concentrates

All concentrates are strong. That’s the point. However, I have found the distinction between good and great comes down to one word: Live.

Live concentrate – The “live” stuff is made using the entire plant, which is flash-frozen just after harvest. Something about this canna-science-magic preserves the terpene profile of the final product in a way that — for me — makes live concentrates worth the extra money. Live concentrates typically come in most of the same variants as other concentrates do, except you’ll be buying live budder, or live shatter. However, you’ll also encounter extracts like diamonds and sauce, which are clear, refined THC crystals generally suspended in a live terpene sauce.

How much is an Okie payin?? – Like its non-live counterpart, prices in Oklahoma are currently fantastic! For example, Mango Dispensary in Edmond is selling 3 GRAMS for 100$! Fortunately, deals like this are growing more common by the day!

How to Use Them

Alright, so we’ve made the jump. Ya have a few grams of Oklahoma’s finest science weed. Now how the hell do ya use it?

Dab Rig

Dab rigs and a dab tool

Dabbing is the most common and probably the most efficient method of consuming concentrates. Unfortunately, it’s also a method of consumption that kind of still looks like it could get you arrested. Dabbing involves a bong-like device called a dab rig, which is heated with a butane torch, (looks a lil cracky); it vaporizes the concentrate on the heated surface…and you simply inhale. Generally, the medication is gathered in a dab tool — a glass or metal stick meant for science-weed pokin.

How much is an Okie payin?? – A workable dab setup with a rig plus a dab tool can cost as little as $25. Like all cannabis paraphernalia, prices range depending on a lot of factors.

Dab Pen

Dab pens

Probably the most user-friendly method of consuming concentrates, a dab pen is a great option for patients who are new to concentrates. A dap pen is exactly what it sounds like: A pen-shaped device with a battery and a coil, which vaporizes the concentrate so it can be inhaled. While I don’t find these as efficient as dab rigs, they are portable, discrete and get the job done.

How much is an Okie payin?? – A great beginner dab pen is the Yocan Evolve Plus, which can be found on the official site for $49.50. Pro-tip: Internet-savvy shoppers can usually find it cheaper elsewhere.

Mixed with Flower

If ya have crumble or another concentrate on the drier side of the spectrum, topping a bowl or sprinkling a bit into a joint is a great way to experience the boost of concentrates, without buying any paraphernalia. While definitely the most wasteful method of consumption, it’s simple and worth trying.

Concentrate may seem complicated at first, but they are my favorite way to medicate. With prices plummeting in Oklahoma, now is the perfect time to dip your toe in the oil!

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  1. We have a LONG way to go on our concentrate prices here. Unless it’s absolute garbage that smells like sulfur or is almost black I’m seeing 50-75 a g typically. In colorado I was getting it for 20-35 a g for the same quality.

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