These Oklahoma Weed Deals Are off the Rails!

Deals are going out of control! Somebody stop these shops! Just kidding. The deals are so big this week they border on dangerous (at least where your self control is concerned). With two huge events and the specials that go with them, it’s clear Oklahoma is about to be loaded up on the good stuff. We searched low and very high for the best deals in the land…


2020 Noble Cup – March 20th | Bricktown Events Center

We love a good cannabis contest! Cannabis vapes of all kinds are permitted on the premises, and a performance and meet-and-greet with Dizzy Wright. With live art, Unicorn Mocktails, and tons of vendors and food, this is the place to be March 20th. Mark those calendars.

Oklahoma Cannabis Expo – March 22-24 | Cox Convention Center

Talk about stoner celebrities! This event has Tommy Chong of Cheech & Chong fame! You can party with Tommy at their VIP afterparty, which includes live performances. This is a three-day cannabis industry event with different tier tickets available. Kinda pricey though!


Mango Cannabis – 16309 N. Santa Fe Ave. #B, Edmond

This is the shop to beat this week, with the most dangerous deals on the block. They have six 1g carts for $100; three grams of LIVE shatter/butter/sugar/resin/crumble for $100; 100mg gummies for $9.99; and an eight of top-shelf connoisseur cannabis for $29.99.

Pharmhouse Cannabis Co. – 530 W. Lindsey St., Norman

They’re having an unstoppable shake sale: 3 ounces for $150 OTD! Their daily deals are also highly recommended, with all OTD pricing — including all 1g concentrates $35-$45 on Mondays; $8 grams of any shelf on Tuesdays; 20% off edibles on Thursdays; and $10 off 1g carts on Saturdays. New customers even get three grams for $20 OTD!

Honey Creek Cannabis –  2616 N. Shartel Ave., OKC

This secret shop recently opened and kicked things off with a bang. They are a smaller shop with lower prices because they grow their own stuff. The merch looks quality; it’s worth a peek! Especially with prices like $100 for an ounce of Blue Dream; $5 grams; and 10% off for new customers.

Cvltivation Clvb – 918 NW 5th St., OKC

This gem is a favorite of downtowners, with deals like $60 ounces that test at 20.57% THC! First-time patients get 20% off, and you can get any two eights for $60 total, tax included.

K for Kush – 7003 E. Reno Ave., Midwest City

Another shop is looking to make a mark with 6g concentrates for $100 and $60 ounces of premium shake. They also have 5 carts for $100 OTD, but they don’t say what size.

American Cannabis Co. – 6600 S. Western Ave. #A, OKC

1g carts for $30 OTD and top-shelf 1g dabs for $25.

Origins Cannabis – 2500 NW 23rd St., OKC

Still killing it with verified top-shelf cannabis for only $25 an eighth!

Green Leaf Supply Co. – 4417 NW 39th St., OKC

This month, Co2 full-spectrum .5g carts are $20 OTD.

High Society – 5900 NW 50th St. #B, Warr Acres

They have a great newcomer deal and interesting daily deals. New patients get 20% off the first visit, 25% off the second visit, and a free pre-roll on the third visit.


—Stay high & happy, deal hunters!

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