Cooking with the Croctopus: CannaBeer

For most of my life, I have lived in either Oklahoma City or Norman. I mean, I went to high school in Pauls Valley, but that was so long ago it seems like a distant dream. Although, I will say, the first time I got high was in an apartment in Wynnewood…out of a soda can.

Anyway, the only other city I’ve spent any significant time in was Tulsa. I lived up there for a few years in my late 20s. I was separated from my family and friends. I was very lonely.

The medicine I required was not readily available, so I turned to the bottle. I dove right in starting with imports like Chimay and Paulaner then moving on to American classics like Sierra Nevada and Sam Adams. That’s right, I was a craft beer nerd.

I was drinking way too much beer and like most would-be homebrewers who had seen that one episode of Good Eats way too many times, I thought “I could save money if I just brewed my own.” That sent me on a decade-long obsession. I even joined FOAM after visiting the best homebrew store in the world, High Gravity.

In recent years, I’ve switched to a more appropriate gotta catch em all type of hobby — marijuana. So many strains! So many varieties! Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t still enjoy a good beer from time to time. And now I’ve taken two of my favorite things and mashed them together in the oh-so-holy union that is CANNABEER.

If you want to learn how to brew beer, I suggest you start by hitting up your local homebrew shop or homebrew club and any one of those big bellied bearded men will show you just what to do. There are tons of videos on YouTube about it. It’s a pretty fun hobby, check it out.

(I didn’t know how to work this in there, but 11 or 12 years ago, OKC’s favorite food boy, Greg Elwell, interviewed me about homebrewing for the Gazette. In retrospect, that’s pretty funny to me.)

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