Blue Wizard: Meet the Oklahoma Magic Behind the Curtain

Two-word review: HOLY SHIT!

Blue Wizard by Red Earth Gardens

If you like a little more to your strain review than a “Holy Shit!” let me tell it:

I tried Blue Wizard by Oklahoma grower Red Earth Gardens last weekend, and I was floored. Or ceilinged, as it were. Blue Wizard left me in a euphoric wonderland that I enjoyed all damn day! Jesus, thank you for marijuana; the other herb-yielding seeds were a nice touch, too, so please pass our gratitude to your father (it seems he’s gone missing).

The quaint Stroud Dispensary on Route 66

I found my Blue Wizard at Stroud Dispensary on Route 66, one of the nicest little shops I’ve visited. Could be a nice excuse to take a reefer road-trip (or at least get off the goddamn turnpike).


Blue Wizard is a gorgeous Hybrid strain. According to the gurus at Sensible Seed, it is a Blueberry mixed with Mexican and Thai parents — with a touch of Indian and Colombian genetics thrown in for good measure.


The eighth I bought ended up being two little nugs and one big, beautiful, trichome-covered, colorful one. In fact, the colors were so vibrant they were almost erotic. I had flashbacks of the Adèle Wolf Burlesque Show.


The grinding and rolling went fantastically! I fixed up two cones — one for me and one for Weed Dad, and we headed out to the patio to have some kid-free adult fun.


The smoke from Blue Wizard smells and tastes like the color blue — a happy blue — like Oklahoma’s cloudless sky on a spring day or a weird-warm, climate-fucked winter day. I don’t typically prefer smoking, and I won’t smoke a harsh strain twice. But the inhale was very smooth, and getting the smoke into my lungs took minimal effort. No coughing spells from this wizard.


  • Migraines. I suffer much at the hands of these monsters. But about halfway through the joint, my head felt numb and stayed that way for a few hours — way longer than the narcotic pain meds I no longer take. My neck also felt relaxed, which contributed greatly to the migraine pain-relief I experienced with Blue Wizard.
  • Mood. This was a very, very fun high. I was relaxed, happy and worry-free. I forgot who I was, and that’s nice occasionally. After the initial high wore off, I was a happier version of myself for the rest of the day. This worldly wizard cast a charm of delightful spells on me.
  • Pain. The numbness around my head drifted down my body, as I finished my joint. Usually my feet hurt, but not after smoking Blue Wizard. I paced around my patio as I smoked, and I noticed they weren’t hurting.
  • Fatigue. My feet felt great for a change, and I wanted to go for a walk after smoking…BUT this strain just did not give me the motivation to get moving. Blue Wizard is not the one for getting shit done. But I just wanted to relax and enjoy my husband (and, later, our kiddos), so it worked out beautifully.

After smoking Blue Wizard, I was amazed at how much different I felt compared to other strains. I was floating through waves of clouds all day…from that one joint. Several hours later, Weed Parents sat down to watch a movie with the kids. Halfway through the movie, Weed Dad turns to me and whispers, “Holy shit, I’m getting high AGAIN.” From the same joint he smoked at noon.

Friends, that’s just how good Blue Wizard and the growers at Red Earth Gardens are.

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