Wedding Cake: Did We Love It Enough to Marry?

This week Auntie Skunk was in the mood for something sweet and smokey. I usually do the trick (wink, wink), but I put my pride aside and agreed to try something new:

Wedding Cake

In the past, I’ve had some bad run-ins with cookie- and cake-type strains that ended up tasting like Daug shit, so I was wary of smoking a cannabis confection not made by Croctopus. Slight reservation aside, I procured an eighth of Wedding Cake from Green Doctor 420 in South OKC, which was grown locally by Robot Pharmer and reasonably priced.

Wedding Cake grown by Robot Pharmer

The tops and sides of the buds were covered in glistening trichomes, and I could see pinkish-red, purple and green hues throughout. The nugs are dense and shaped a bit like teardrops. Nothing spectacular to report, here.

Now, the smell of this stuff was pretty tame. Safely belted into the passenger seat on the car ride home, I got nada — an unanswered whiff — totally unlike the odoriferous and correspondingly dank Widow Kola I hauled home last time. I figured the container had an extra good seal or I had a bum sniffer.
When I got home and inhaled the open jar, I was struck by the sensory experience of birthdays, weddings, retirements (what is that?) and break room celebrations (remember those?). This fucking bud smelled straight up like a piece of white sheet-cake, vanilla buttercreme frosting and all! I thought, Surely it’s been enhanced in some way to make me feel this way, but as I broke it up in my hands, more sickly sweet cakiness rose up and put a smile on my face. This is seriously one of the first strains that I can say nailed the precise aroma of its name. I don’t know what a Tahoe or a Trainwreck are supposed to taste like, but what you read is what you get.
Tons of smell, but would it smoke?
As I broke up the buds, it felt a little more firm and chunky to my fingers — not as soft and collapsible as I’d like but probably alright if I was just going to to throw it in the grinder. But that’s not fucking likely, because you know how I am! Loading up my glow-in-the-dark bong, I began to inhale what might be akin to what I imagine the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s farts taste like. It’s like a Keebler Elf decided to make a cookie-smell factory right inside my bong, and I’m the fellow that’s got to keep the ovens lit. Simply put, it smokes as sweetly as if it came right out of the oven. Where’s the milk?
A true hybrid, I’m feeling like a firm cookie being dunked in a glass of milk. Slightly dissolved and ready to have a bite taken out of me. Just a laid-back kind of stoned…like you’ve just returned from school and there’s a tray of milk and cookies waiting for you. This is a warm and fuzzy high. Homework can wait; let’s watch cartoons!

4 out of 5 Skunks! ????

Overall, this weed gets 4 out of 5 Skunks for the surprising aroma and flavor that came THISCLOSE to matching its namesake — both in sniff and smoke. It looks alright, and it gets the job done. The one complaint I have is in the way it breaks up, but I guess that’s just the way the Wedding Cake crumbles.

— Uncle Skunk is ready for a nutter butter! 

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