The Croctopus’s 5 Tips for Stoner Self-Care During the Coronavirus

Most of you probably know that I have a crew of three that help me create these videos. We all kind of decided that we didn’t want to risk getting each other sick and we would just stay at our own homes for a little while. Because of this, I wasn’t able to film a recipe this week, but I wanted to share with you what I’ve been doing to keep myself safe and sane during self-imposed isolation.

So, here are my 5 tips for stoner self-care during the Coronavirus.

1. Microdose

For the past few months I have experimented with microdosing. I made myself some capsules using coconut oil and some homegrown Durbin Poison, and I dosed them out to about 2.5mg per capsule. I take one capsule a day when I take my blood pressure medication in the morning, and I’ve got to say these really do a ton to help with my anxiety.

I normally hate driving, but when I have a microdose in the morning, I notice I’m a lot more relaxed while driving — and I don’t let people’s inability to function at 4-way stops bother me nearly as much as when I don’t take a dose. Also, bonus benefit is that I haven’t had to take my normal afternoon nap like I used to. I’m going to attribute that to the sativa-heavy Durbin Poison.

2. Work on Healthy Habits

Isolation can be very depressing, so I am taking this time to build habits that will benefit me long after this is over.

The first thing that I am working on is getting my hand-washing routine on point. I, like most people, do a quick once-over when washing my hands. Apparently that isn’t good enough! So I’ve taken to using the Alton Brown method of washing my hands, and you should too. Just think of all the germs you will be avoiding in the future if you get this routine down now!

The second healthy thing I am doing is incorporating some sort of workout routine into my day. I don’t do much, but I get some movement in to counteract the fact that most of my time is spent at my computer or in front of the TV. The endorphins released when you work out are the perfect way to fight the blues. So, fuck it! Smoke a joint and sweat to the oldies or something.

3. Develop Creative Hobbies

Ever wanted to learn how to draw? Ever wanted to learn how to bake? Ever wanted to learn to play guitar? Well there is no time like the present. Practice all of those things you normally wouldn’t have energy for because your job sucks away your will to live. The world is giving you free time to create, and you’ll feel a lot better if you do! Remember, hobby = good, Hobby Lobby = bad.

4. Get an Early Start on Spring Cleaning

For me, this is one of the hardest things to start, but I always feel better when I take care of my space. This one is a lot like the previous two. They all give you a sense of accomplishment and help ward off feelings of depression. You don’t have to do it all in one day either. We got loads of time on our hands, so we might as well use it to clean the toilet.

5. Put Down Your Phone and Get Off the Internet

This is the most important thing that’s I’ve done for myself. I, like many of you, was watching as Rudy Gobert killed the NBA and got his dirty hands all over the place. In the days that followed, the country basically went on lock down. If you are staying in your house, washing your hands, and staying safe, you don’t need any more news! I’ll allow for a quick check in, maybe once a day but that is it.

Marijuana can be super helpful to treat anxiety, but not if you are going to smoke up and then look at all the wild shit that’s going on in the world. Make your medical marijuana time sacred. Don’t spoil it by looking at the news! Treat yo self! Really use this time to relax and be mindful of why you are using medical marijuana to heal yourself.

BONUS TIP: Learn to Cook with Weed

Real talk, there are a lot of cheap ounces with curbside pickup available at local dispensaries. I know Fire Leaf Dispensary has seven locations with carside delivery. So give them a call, pick up some inexpensive herb and experiment with making your own edibles. I have a lot of videos that can help, and I always try to answer any DM’s or comments.

—Stay safe and healthy out there, gang!

3 thoughts on “The Croctopus’s 5 Tips for Stoner Self-Care During the Coronavirus

  1. Im new just put my application in to OMMA rejected first time. Are the stores closed if its medical wouldnt that be reason for them to stay open?? Also if i get my card soon how do i know what strenght or what to get? I need help the first time. And i want to be ready to get off these damm Oxys.

    1. Hey Linda, shops are open! The budtenders at the dispensaries will be able to help you figure out what’s best for you.

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