UW Purp – Review of the $5 Eighth

With the eighth for $5 special I reported on recently, I didn’t expect much. On top of that, I had never even heard of UW Purp. This strain is popular in the Northwest, and I’m from the Southeast. Go figure. My budtender at Origins, whose Oklahoma agriculture division grew this strain in-house, summed it up perfectly: “People come in here expecting to get schwag, but then we surprise them with high-quality stuff.”

I couldn’t believe how beautiful the eighth I bought looked, and it even came in a sealed glass jar.


UW Purp was developed in the 70s at University of Washington — hence the ‘UW’ in the name — and even though the bud is a fresh green and orange, purple was their school color. Mysteriously, it was rumored to have originally been stolen from a lab on campus. So, to the dirty trickster we have to thank for this famous strain, Slick move! The plant’s actual genetics are still unknown. I guess the thief ran off without the lab data.

This strain is an 85% indica, 15% sativa split, and you definitely notice. I actually got temporarily addicted to this stuff, which was a problem because it chills you out so much that you don’t care about your responsibilities anymore. Cleaning? “Nah, who cares.” Going to work on time? “Not for me.” The gym? ”More like endless hours of PC gaming until my eyes bleed!” So, word to the wise: If you want to try this stuff, make sure to use it at night or on a day off.


Apparently it’s known for being spicy, but it wasn’t at all — not even any normal after-sting. There was a sweet taste that was almost creamy…like fruity pebbles in milk, with a hint of rose petal. Overall, a better-tasting strain with a much better flavor profile than most.


This strain is a pain killer. It relaxed me so hard I couldn’t even remember I had pain to begin with. If you’re a fan of having what I like to call ‘droopy eye,’ where the body high is so good that your eyes themselves feel stoned, this is the strain for you.

It smelled almost exactly like fruity pebbles. The scent was an intense sugary and a slightly sour dank smell. The freshness of the flower from being newly harvested made the smoke crisp and helped to prevent me from ever slowing down my desire for this bud. The first hit I tried of this stuff gave me a coughing fit. The smoke must be what they are talking about when people say this is spicy because it stings and is quite heavy — almost enveloping you. This strain definitely has a high cotton-mouth cost, so stay hydrated.

Personal Bud Effects Scoring:

Pain: 9/10
Creativity: 2/10
Brain: 9/10
Productivity: 2/10

Overall Strain Rating:


UW Purp knocked my socks off! I have never had painless couchlock like this before! Be prepared to be locked into whatever you were doing, as this strain takes you to a hazy wonderland. What may seem like an unassuming flower will hit you like a freight train. Seriously, this stuff should come with a warning. It’s like a high-grade tranquilizer. I have to rate this bud high, because I believe this grower really brought out the best in this strain. Mad props to Origins Agriculture’s in-house grow op, because their flower is at a competition-winning level.

Proof that sometimes you get way more than you pay for.

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